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    Hey, just wondered. Anyone know if the purple shoes still exists? Would be really cool to have them:) Only problem is that I live in Norway.. Should be possible to import them though:P



    and while I´m here. How do I add a picture? I see the picture button, but I dunno how to embed a picture in it. Dumb, I know.



    Hey and welcome to the boards!
    if you need to upload it click on attach, upload the image than insert

    if it is already on the web, just click the image button and put the url to the image between the quotes.

    The purple shoes exist but are hard to find. Those Dinosaur Nike shoes are actually very popular among shoe collectors (many who don’t even know who Dinosaur is). Lots on ebay



    Thank you! Awesome forum, lots of goodies around here:)

    I see! Awesome:)

    Yeah, that much I have found out. It sucks really:( Could really have used those shoes to my last breath. I feel that those silver ones are a bit to flashy for my taste. I checked on Ebay, only one purple pair that I could find who ships to Norway (where I come from, by the way) and that´s a size 9. I´m 11/5. Maybe I should just buy them just so I can use them as decorations:P

    Thanks again!




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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