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    Yes, check the NEWS section (posted July 22nd) of!

    DINO recorded some songs in the studio for the program WORLD CAFE (see link on, this is similiar to the legenary John Peel show in England. And the ONLY time to hear it is TONITE.

    No one has been mentioning taping this – so I figured I’d better (esp. since I don’t live near a major city – otherwise I’d tape it myself). So… if you live in a city that receives WORLD CAFE on one of the 100 or so radio stations that get it in the country… and you have a tape deck or something fancier… please try and record it – so it can be posted on FreeSoFree – and we can all be happy.



    Of course you can listen online as it streams……… suggestion is WNCW out of North Carolina, they will stream that program tonight at 7pm, I will be busy so I need to look around and find a station that streams the show at 10 pm. WNCW is rarely down. ENJOY ;D

    WNCW Listen LIVE link”>

    Or If you can’t make it home until 10:00 pm try one of my favorite radio stations, in Athens, Ohio (My Dad’s stompin’ Ground)
    Listen Live here”>

    If you need a later time you are on your own, but you can do it……..go the the worldcafe page and look around.


    King Tubby

    That was alright — the usual questions. The tunes sounded really good, though. Too bad they only played two (Quest & Bulbs).



    Listening to Quest right now, sounds great!!! Jr


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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