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    Theres a link posted on freesofree.net by Spoogles for the Vegas show audio…check here 8)

    Dinosaur jr
    House of Blues
    Las Vegas, NV

    rec: Oktava MC012’s(hypercardiod ortf 6′ stand fob 30 center)>Graham Patten Dmic20>Sony PCM-M1 [email protected]
    trans:Tascam DA MK30II>coax>MAudio 24/96>wavelab 5>resample to 44.1k>CDwav(track split)>flac
    record and transfer by cdipietro

    disc one

    01. tune up
    02. The Post
    03. Gargoyle
    04. In A Jar
    05. Bulbs of Passion
    06. Does it Float
    07. Kracked
    08. Furry Little Things
    09. Mountain Man
    10. Just Like Heaven
    11. Forget The Swan
    12. Freak Scene
    13. Sludgefest
    14. The Lung
    15. Chunks

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