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    Quite the shock to my system last nite, flipping around close to 0100 & there was Dinosaur Jr getting interviewed in Toronto on Much Music. Talked to all three, played bits of Little Fury Things, some live clips of In A Jar @ the Toronto show, then what looked like Bizarre Fest with George & Mike. Had a kinda slideshow deal happening while Lou was talking, stills from the Spaceland show, old pics of Dino Jr, reissues covers, what looked like a U Mass practice clip…that I hadn’t seen before 8)

    It will be replayed on Saturday & Wednesday on Citytv

    Saturday @ 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 PM PT
    Wednesday @ 11:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM PT

    The New Music/Much Music

    Here’s the promo bit they did before the interview…

    Dinosaur Jr are one of the seminal bands of the past 20 years. Their records laid the foundation for alternative rock’s commercial breakthrough in the early 90s. And while their profile was raised substantially in the wake of Nirvana’s success, they never really became much bigger than highly respected cult figures. Led by the notoriously prickly singer J. Mascis, the band was always in danger of self-imploding – fights between J and bass player Lou Barlow were notorious. Well the original lineup has finally reunited, they have overcome their differences – and as the NewMusic found out, they may be getting older but they are still kicking out the jams

    Here’s what I remember of the interview, I did tape it so I’ll get the full transcript out another time…

    J was asked if he felt the music was still as relevant today as it was when it first came out…

    J ‘I guess if it was relevant then it’s still relevant today, I don’t know’ :mrgreen:

    Lou was asked how he felt about the reunion, he said J & Murph sounded great, he just needed to do his thing & it all comes together. He talked about how difficult the early tours were, ‘people living & acting like animals’
    Then Dino Jr were asked if they could talk amongst themselves to deal with the stress…they all laughed at the question & Murph said ‘Not at all’. J said Murph was always quitting, Murph said he reached the boiling point frequently. Lou talked about convincing Murph to stay, convincing J not to kick Murph out of the band. He said he has no regrets, that he’s happy with how things happened & happy that the are back together now.



    sounds awesome, needs to get up on freesofree



    Word to that.



    Sounds like a plan, think a guy I work with can convert it… ;D



    rock over toronto
    rock on calgary
    moosehead – still the original flavor




    I miss Canada.

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