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    nice stuff there, pix of Murph’s nephews (asleep), Sebadoh’s Jason w/Lou’s daughter, great pics of J and Lou’s amp setup and some interesting thoughts…




    "we’re getting fiercer by the show…"
    i luv that-cant wait for the sf show…
    oh yeah and i got my EtymoticResearch ER-20s…
    hope they work well…
    s 8)


    King Tubby

    I like that bit about how he finds it a bit weird to be a "secondary player" again. I definitely got that sense, especially at the Boston show.



    8) 8) 8)



    wow Hannelore looks great in the photos!! she probably loves all the attention she’s been getting… :o



    I love it when Lou says "it was important for us to be together" that is such a CANCER, the crab, type thing, I would not call riding around with a baby and a bunch of other "guys" in a bus thats spewing diesel fuel, with clothes stinkin’ of cigarettes, good "together" time. Clubs are not the right environment for babies or Mothers, babies bond to taste (what mom eats comes through her milk) and smell during the first 5 months, don’t want baby to bond to stink, when men travel together, wooo-weeee, it can be stinky-winky. Stay home and cover that babies bottom with burts bees honey powder, keep fresh ginger lilies in a vase, nice sandlewood candle in the bathroom near the tub, eat lots of tofu with nutritional yeast, wash it down with fresh juices and wait for that daddy to come home. Thats just what I have had to do.
    When daddy comes home have him leave his shoes outside the door, only a hound dog can love such a smell.

    ps Of course, that baby is soooo cute, I must confess.
    I know a little fellow who will probably think she is really cute in a few years. I had to remove the photo because it was just too large.



    seeing jake lowenstein and lou’s baby puts a tear to my eye.

    the next generation of sludgerock is blooming. and its beautiful haha.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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