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    Upped by nitcomb!
    This recording is from the second performance of the seven night Dinosaur Jr. residency at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Lots of great guests have been coming out to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. During this show, Frank Black of The Pixies, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Scott Helland of Deep Wound and Fred Armisen of Trenchmouth/SNL/Portlandia/Late Night fame make appearances. The recording is very good with little crowd interference. I missed a little bit of Henry Rollins’ intro, so that fades in. Hope some more recordings from this run emerge.
    All comments and corrections appreciated… Enjoy!

    Dinosaur Jr.
    Bowery Ballroom
    New York City


    Source: SP-CMC-8 (Cards)->SP-R09 Battery Box-> Ed R09 16/44.1
    Lineage: SD Card->Pro Tools->xAct->Flac
    Recorded, Transferred and Upped to DIME by Nitcomb

    Set 1 ‘Dinosaur’ album in its entirety

    01 Introduction ! (Fades In)
    02 Forget the Swan
    03 Cats in a Bowl
    04 The Leper
    05 Does It Float
    06 Pointless
    07 Repulsion
    08 Gargoyle #
    09 Severed Lips
    10 Mountain Man
    11 Quest

    Set 2

    12 Bulbs of Passion
    13 Crumble
    14 Little Fury Things %
    15 Start Choppin
    16 Training Ground (Deep Wound cover)$
    17 Freak Scene
    18 The Lung *
    19 Feel the Pain *
    20 Hey Policeman (Ian Rubbish cover)*
    21 Kracked
    22 Sludgefeast
    23 Crowd Ambience
    24 Hey Y’all (Black Oak Arkansas Cover) Lou Solo

    25 Cortez the Killer @
    (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover)

    ! Henry Rollins Introduction
    # Frank Black guitar and vocals
    % Lee Ranaldo vocals
    $ Scott Helland vocals
    * Fred Armisen guitar & vocals
    @ Lee Ranaldo vocals, Fred Armisen 2nd drum kit

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