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    "rosa" wrote:
    warm water
    spoonful of maple syrup
    two spoonsful of lemon juice
    sprinkle of cayenne pepper

    how does it taste ?



    it tastes really good, like warm spicy lemonade.



    My first attempt left me sweating like I’d been running a marathon in a sauna, I guess a "sprinkle" means a lot less than half a spoon -but it gave me a great feeling of energy and feeling fresh(Yeah I know, I sound like a bad commercial.
    The next time around I showed some moderation on the cayenne, and rosas potion started to make a lot more sense in my mouth. Thanks for the recipe !
    + I replaced the water with avcado oil, and marinated some scampi in it, tasted great.


    fata morgana
    "Jon" wrote:
    people just seem really uncomfortable around me. i think i freak em out with some sort of weird vibe i put off, but really i dunno…

    It’s hard to tell why someone ignores or is put-off by another person. It’s hard to understand boundaries, sincerity, balance, love, hate, empathy, understanding, meanness, etc… Friendships and relationships in general take such a long time to develop and maintain.

    I’d say, if it helps, talk to a therapist–someone who’s outside of what’s bothering you. Maybe it would be good to have someone lead you to understand whether it’s your past, or a behavioral thing or the people in question with which you have problems. I guess that’s my advice.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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