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    We all remember back in 97 when Djr. (yeah but still loud+powerful) were so kind to stop by Copenhagen.. yeah we really need ya over here.. remember sayin hello to J while getting into a cab.. SO LOUD! about 800 were going nuts! My friend Peter had to go to the hospital for xrays – fractrued collarbone – stagediving….
    remember J played in a MEW T-shirt.. incredible..
    Remember Lou B playing a killer show at roskilde in ’96 – sebadoh playing a sepultura cover.. awesome!
    By the way if you guys haven’t noticed: DENMARK FUCKING DENMARK!
    looking forward to listening to you J on MEW forthcoming album!
    hope you read this!
    best regards
    Allan Nielsen, Aalborg, Denmark
    [email protected]



    hey your from denmark! that would be a fat place to see a dinosaur jr. show…

    have you ever heard gorilla angreb ? i read a cool review of them in maximum rock n roll , and i think the lead singer is sooo hot!
    i have been trying to get a hole of one of their albums but its kind of hard here in u.s. … i’ll bet they rock! hey what does gorilla angreb mean in danish?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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