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    Bucky Ramone

    timmy thomas: why can’t we live together?
    sparks: this town ain’t big enough for the both of us

    ramones: do you wanna dance?
    eddy grant: i don’t wanna dance

    marvin gaye; what’s going on?
    dr. dre: nuthin’ but a g thang

    the who: who are you?
    the beatles: i am the walrus

    moby: why does my heart feel so bad?
    bonnie tyler: it’s a heartache

    <img> <img>

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    I wish somebody’d explain the rules, It sounded like a great topic <img>



    Hey Malc,

    I decided it was a little too personal for me; also, no one seemed to be interested in the thread.

    I tried to just delete my post, which we used to be able to do (not sure what’s up with that), but as it turns out I could only erase the text.

    Sorry <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Hi Rosa,

    ..thought it was a kind of musical Q&A, we might make another (non personal!) topic of it….



    Rosa-I thought it was a good topic,it would have taken me awhile to think up some lyrics that would descibe me though,if you thought it was too personal,ok with me,sometimes I post things I think are personal then have second thoughts about it and I don`t post it.



    I was impressed by the way you defined things about your self in this tread, but like salamypie/guy/guide/why said, it will take me some time to find parts of songs to say something about me. I was working on a reply!!
    Maybe it’s also hard because English isn’t my first language…so if you don’t feel too embarrassed….please restore your “who am I treadâ€



    His name is Robert. He is 23 years old.
    He hopes that the world will become less frightening and overwhelming.
    Trying to fend off the most scary parts of life he listens to music that makes him warm and writes down words that are in his heart.
    He’s waiting for the girl to get back from across the sea, hoping that she will save him.
    If she wont, he’s afraid nobody can.
    He has never been this scared.
    He wants to be your friend, but he can barely take care of himself these days, so don’t expect too much of him.



    Robert you’re gonna make me cry…something I rarely do (ok I will admit to having a tear or two in my eye whenever the BEARS win or lose <img> ).
    Hope spring brightens up your world, means summers on the way… <img>

    I was going to get to this as well, hard to figure out how to define myself thou, out there kinda girl is a start I guess.

    Will get back to this after some sleep, hate to put something in my disinhibited state that I might regret <img>

    Allison <img>



    Gentleman when sobre
    idiot when drunk

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