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    Theres going to be one via 1939skates.



    Is witch and 1939 a nod to The Wizard Of Oz? I over think a lot !



    LOL that kind of thinking reminds me of LOST. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to check it out!



    anyone know every skateboard deck Dino have released? I have the YLAOM one and the bloke doing the peace symbol one, and I know there’s also green mind, debut, farm, green mind alien, j Mascis guitar, alien.

    any more?



    There’s 13 alien workshop dinos of which 4 I guess are J. Plus they released wheels for the dinosaur and green mind alien board. The albums also came with farm and ssow. I will need to check this at home as I may have missed one.

    Dinosaur album cover – standard
    YLAOM – standard
    YLAOM – old school (deck)
    (Alien) solider – standard
    Green mind alien girl – standard
    Green mind album cover – longboard
    Dinosaurs (a drawing of a dinosaur) – standard
    Farm – standard
    Peace guy – old school

    Several shades – standard
    Several shades – longboard
    Fender squire – standard
    J skating And his guitars – standard

    Witch – 1939

    Deep wound – 1939



    Ah brilliant thanks a lot! Looking forward to the deep wound deck, hope it’s not too much to ship to UK. would love to see an I Bet On Sky board as well, think that’d look great.



    There’s also one Alien Workshop did in 1993 with the “Where You Been” Cover Art by Angry Johnny.



    @doesitfloat I think I paid more in shipping than decks πŸ™‚ ! Still someone sold a Farm deck for Β£150 last year, so worse case they will go up in price or just look amazing on the wall! I don’t have mine up or skate on them so it does seem a bit silly. Maybe I’ll sell and get that original deep wound 7″ one day πŸ™‚

    @obesqio I would love to even see a picture of that ! I’ve seen other angry Johnny decks. I bet that would be worth a bit.



    New board graphic in the works. Deep Wound 10x30 coming soon. Faster than anything in your dad's record collection. #deepwound #hardcore #skateboard #mascis #oldschool #grindthepigs

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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