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    Well…I said on Freakscene a while back that I thought the Dead Confederate drummer would "grow into his drums" someday…I think he’s hitting puberty! I was pulled into the 40 W around 1AM last weekend to see them…even though I wanted to go and do another band. I gave my friends a warning about the cymbal crashing nightmare they were about to go through..and much to my surprise some things had changed.

    I noticed shiny brand NEW expensive cymbals instead of the old chipped and cracked ones…good investment DUDE!

    I noticed that his ride (I like to call it his crash/ride) had a mic that was sitting a reasonable 14 inches away (or more)

    I noticed the overheads were allowed to do the rest of the job of mic’ing the cymbals Thank God!

    I noticed he’s not using his cymbals as a crutch because they are easy to play…

    when cymbals are all F*cked up like his were before…they don’t resonate correctly….they had a "dead metal" sound without any shimmer and then someone (?) wanted to "close mic" something like that and turn it up? That’s insane! Several years ago, my son pushed a Kroger shopping cart full force, down a ramp and let it "run" in the parking lot…it crashed into the other parked carts and flipped over and hit the ground. THAT’S the SOUND exactly…that the Dead Confederate cymbals were making, if you have ever heard that crash of shopping carts hitting each other you would recognize it right away….NICE..RIGHT?..NOT!!!! Perhaps it’s because…I was freaking out as I watched that cart race through the lot. I was wondering "why did he do that?" ..afraid it was going to hit a parked car..or worse..a moving car or elderly person..what kind of insurance would cover that? So every time the brother banged his cymbals…and that would be like every other second, that sound made me nervous and almost sick to my stomach.


    using Freakscene as my own personal blog..I would love to share a family story. A few years ago, my elderly neighbor came home to find a puppy at the end of her drive. She called me to ask if it was ours. I said "No", then she said.."I just don’t know what to do with it" I told her I would try and find it’s owner or a home. After a few days of no luck finding an owner…I called my vet..who has a secretary who fosters dogs. She said she would take him. My youngest son gave the dog the name poo-poo because that’s what the dog did alot and he was so little. When we got into my van to take the dog to the vet..all the children were begging to keep the dog…my husband said "No way"..then they were arguing about who get to hold the dog on the way to the vet. Alvaro, the baby..cried the hardest and I begged the other children to just let him hold the puppy so I could focus on driving. The other kids complained that I always let Alvaro have his way because he is the baby and he makes such a big scene when he doesn’t get his way. Half way there Poo-poo… poo-poo’ed all over my son as he sat in his car seat. His big brother and sisters were laughing at him..saying it was his "karma" etc. Then Alvaro was really crying because he was now all yukky. Instead of getting mad and screaming..he held the little puppy up and looked into it’s eyes and said very lovingly.."Poo-poo you can’t do that to people" and now that has become one of our family "stock lines" for all sorts of situations. Especially when we see folks behaving badly. So…I remember thinking in my head….when watching the drummer for Dead Confederate opening for Dinosaur Jr. Poo-poo you can’t do that to people!
    Well, he turned over a new leaf it seems.

    How bad were those cymbals F*cked up…take a look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlYSNBC-y2o about the 2:26 mark and then try and imagine that mic’ed real good and close…yeah, that’s bad. OH, had to edit…take a look at that little crash he does right around that mark…his ride is in bad shape but it has nothing on that crash…that’s not even a chip in there…that’s a cookie monster bite!
    I can’t believe I called those cymbals chipped and cracked…that’s no chip…there is a chunk missing from both sides! :roll:


    Drumming tutorial (of sorts) features a LESSON on the judicial use of the cymbal. : =D>


    also has gassy/trippy guitar and near the very end of the song, Jimmy Page doing a strange Smashing Pumpkins type of sound (like the 1 only sound they had). I hadn’t heard him do it before just like that…but then again, I don’t always listen very closely to music.
    What brought me to this song today? Thinking of the exuberance one has when they smash a glass against a fireplace (I got to do that once..and I still remember the good feeling) sort of like breaking the glass at a Jewish wedding. Then I thought today 😕 , how damn good it would feel to smash a chair through a window…but unfortunately I would have to clean that up and replace the window so I scratched my head and thought…what could give me that same sort of HIGH…then it came to me…divine inspiration like…just put on “Whole Lot of Love” REAL LOUD. It worked….. :D/

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