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    dc set list ran thusly at the black cat:

    out there
    little fury things
    set us free
    everybody lets me down
    get me

    standardly encored with wagon then sludgefeast

    out there was a bitchin opener, but the next few songs really felt laggy. for the first time ever at a j show (seen like a dozen since 93) i noticed a distinct difference in sound quality tween the mid/back of the room and up by the stage–further away, it’s not surprisingly really muddy, but up close good god you could hear subtleties, feel the songs were AROUND you rather than AT you

    the big boomers like out there, thumb, alone, and sludge were just mammoth man–heavy, heavy, awesome shit–and wagon was really pleasantly tight: on the album it’s 5 minutes with a couple solos and i’ve seen him really sprawl out live, but this one was like 3 or 4 minutes, with just one solo at the end–i’ve noticed more than a few of his live playing/arrangements getting a bit more stripped back, cut a solo here, one there, and they tend to get this awesome fierce compression, like’s it’s a mission he’s on with a guitar–


    [/quote] Don’t stay in long. No one’s that strong enough not to crumble whenever the water wants you.



    yeah, i’m glad to say that i’m not hearing the crickets in my ears anymore :)

    The show was great. Out There is the best opener.
    Before the show, Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealin was playing on the PA. It seemed J was waiting for them to turn it off… he was tapping the mic with his guitar. Then he just started playing Out There. I’m not sure if they ever turned off the PA music.

    We also saw J checking out the contents of the Cigarette machine, and the ATM in the bar long before the show.

    I’ve never seen anyone play drums as hard as Kyle. He totally killed that drum kit. Every stomp on the Bass Drum went right through your body.

    Dave was playing the old Red Rickenbacker bass Lou used to play. It was all beat up. He had duct tape holding the guitar strap to the bass.
    J played the Jazzmaster with the stickers on it the whole show.
    He had his eye glasses on a speaker, but never wore them.

    Seeing J play live for over 10 years now, IMO, this band has the best line-up ever.


    "anthony" wrote:
    …Then he just started playing Out There. I’m not sure if they ever turned off the PA music.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    thanks for the great review & setlist, anthony! :D I guess I don’t have to mention that I’m jealous like hell these days… :x

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