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    HTW I feel for you, thats gotta sting!!!! I was sure you guys would pull it out, actually thought it might be an easy win for you <img> Still feeling the pain from The BEARS, but at 3 days post loss I could actually feel a bit of that depression lifting <img>
    Still whenever I hear the name or see a clip of the game I feel the pain all over again…SUCKS <img> Hopefully the recovery process speeds up, can’t BEAR it!!!

    That said I would be very pleased if The BEARS went after Bledsoe, amazing performance coming off the bench after what 15(?) games on the bench:eek:

    Go Rams, stomp those big meanie eagles that I hate so much…although eagles/pats would be a cool superbowl.




    Standing Hampton!!!!!!!!!!!
    (ok maybe Sammy Hagar wasn’t needed here….)

    Dan Hampton Makes the Hall of Fame!!!!

    What’s more amazing is that he got busted for drunk-driving a few days ago in Arkansas.

    Guys who got screwed this year:
    James Lofton and Art Monk
    Guys who also qualify for the Hall of Shame:
    Bill Parcells and Art Modell

    I wouldn’t say that about Parcells but I still think he is the main guy responsibile for the Tampa Bay mess and then didn’t have the guts to claim his end of it. Modell belongs for screwing Cleveland a few years back. I don’t think they will ever forgive him for that.



    Pretty pleasing news, Dan Hampton makes it in…so glad they didn’t hold that DUI against him!!! Hopefully Richard Dent gets the call soon, would love to see that guy go in next.

    With you on the Parcells thing Halfman, he definitely enjoys the power games, in such a bad way!!!

    Pulling for the Patriots tomorrow, long shot that probably won’t happen, but hey gotta pull for the underdog. Tired of the greatest show on turf deal…BLAH.



    Matty qui-9

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Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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