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    I ama guitarist by nature, and have never played a drum, therefore, much of your post was like, "uh… ok" to me, but I must say, it was an awesome story about being in school with J.

    Thanks for the memories. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]



    Hey Allison!

    That link was great!

    For those who did not follow her link it goes to a very positive review of "More Light" by Modern Drummer magazine.

    They give it an 8 out of 10. Maybe we should encourage them to interview J… It is probably better not to harass them though… I am contacting them. If there is someone at Modern Drummer who would like input from fans I will post his e-mail (with permission.)

    I think you could snail mail your encouragement to:

    Modern Drummer Publications. Inc.
    12 Old Bridge Road
    Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009-1288



    Hey UMASCOW!

    EEERRRRR……. Uuhh.. Well…

    I guess you were right about that double bass drum pedal that Pat got. I just bought myself a copie of the "Whatever’s Cool With Me" CD/EP. It seems to be a Pat Murphy double base drum pedal showcase!

    Although I have to say that in the live version of Thumb on there, you can tell where he takes his foot off the Hihat. It sounds like it’s just for the little thududududut at the end of each section. I think you can hear all the 16th notes he does with his left foot on the hihat during the rest of Thumb are just the same as on Greenmind.

    But seriously, sorry about being so insistant.

    Oh yeah! An editor at modern drummer said he would bring up the idea of a J mascis interview at their next editorial planning meeting.



    Yeah i hear the hi-hat thing too, on thumb. You dont reckon he’s taking his left foot off the hi hat to double bass pedal?

    Also i have a video of dino live in ’91 and they play "whatevers cool…" and you can hear the double bass pedal he’s using. Murph mostly used the double bass pedal during breaks between songs. he would just go off on it, while j’ was tinkering.

    Any hoot he’s a treat to listen to.

    by the way if yr confused on my name it’s:
    "Uma’s Cow"



    Hey Rubrick,

    Definitely will do the snail mail thing to try and get them to interview J, good news though Jeremiah posted a review where J describes his drums and fav cymbals….http://www.freakscene.net/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=4&t=000165″>http://www.freakscene.net/cgi-bin/ubb/u … 4&t=000165

    Just a small bit on the drums but pretty cool interview…if you live near a guitar center head out and get that live cd and post it to the ftp if you can…..please!!!

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img]
    ps its under J Mascis news at top of boards



    Thanks for the link Allison!

    The interview is actually at the Guitar World site

    I think that an Austrailian drum magazine has an interview with J.

    And if anyone is confused by the twists and turns of this post I can understand it. Maybe another post needs to be made on this subject that is a little less openended. Maybe I guessed a little too much here… Sorry



    hey Uma’s Cow

    Sorry I misunderstood your name. Uhh… I didn’t really know who Uma was until about 3 mounths ago. My brother says he went out with her though…

    I just got another base drum pedal and I have to say that it is a million times better than my old one. Actuall the new one is old and the old one is new. My old one is this fancy EDP 300 by Premier (it sucks.) My new one is a Pearl chain drive which is very similar to the classic Camco design that is copied religiously by Drum Workshop and Tama. It is lightwheight and floppy. It has a heal plate, which gives you more control. It has a long action (IE the beater goes a long way when you press the foot board) and quick rebound.

    So I guess the bass drum pedal does matter. The EDP 300 made me tired quick. It is tight and stiff. My Pearl is loose and bouncy. But I could still play Budge on the EDP 300. I was just kind of sloppy.




    well, to answer your question, I am a guitarist and drummer, and I can say for me they are a bit alike, but guitar comes to me easily and drums for a long time were hard as hell… but then i got into the math of it all and got better at both….

    as far as cymbals go for me, I have an old zildjian ride cymbal that’s huge… I never have bothered to measure it but it’s really big… it looks like something dale crover would use. for a crash I use a zildjian crash ride, and for high hats I have Nu Vader 14’s. since I play alot of 32th notes on the fast parts of whatever song, I have a set of zildjian zbt high hats on a boom arm to the right of my ride. it’s easier to move between the two sounds that way. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]


    Randy Jane

    uh, hey, I just started playing drums not to long ago, and ive got like a Tama Camco double kicker pedal. I found it very hard to be double kicking while doing the hi-hats at the same time, so i fixed my problem and turned my foot sideways and nailedthem both at the same time. The kicker sounds good, and the hats are all crazy too….its great, but m not even really a drummer and I dont know what this post has to do with anything but…hey….Im a guitarist! -Randy Jane.



    has anyone out there used a janus system??

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