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    Th Faith Healers-Mother Sky(Can)
    Geraldine Fibbers-Yoo Doo Right(Can)
    Buffalo Tom-Heaven(Psychadelic Furs)
    Minutemen-Dr Wu(Steely Dan)
    Rein Sanction-A`int No Tellin(Jimi Hendrix)
    Come-I Got The Blues(Rolling Stones)
    Squirrel Bait-Tape From California(Phil Ochs)
    Versus-24 Hours(Joy Division)
    Poison 13-Blank Generation(Richard Hell)
    Ida-Everbody Knows This Is Nowhere(Neil Young)
    Cat Power-Wild Is The Wind(Nina Simone)
    Cocteau Twins-Strange Fruit(Billie Holiday)
    Dump-Rasberry Beret(Prince)
    PJ Harvey-Highway 61 Revisited(Bob Dylan)
    Spacemen 3-Transparent Radiation(Red Krayola)
    Mekons-Heart Of Stone(Rolling Stones)
    Eric`s Trip-I Often Dream Of Trains(Robyn Hitchcock)
    Mazzy Star-Five String Serenade(Love)
    Yo La Tengo-Dreaming(Blondie)
    Sparklehorse-West Of Rome(Vic Chesnutt)

    If anyone wants any info on what album they can find these songs on or the artist post a message here and I`ll fill you in.



    Nice collection Salamiguy, hoping to see Pavements Wonderwall on vol 2 [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]
    And of course Dino’s Sweet Child O’Mine version.

    Is the Cat Power song on the covers record? Is the album good? I only have Moonpix, Dear Sir and What Would The Community Think.



    Yeah that Cat Power song is on The Covers Record;it`s a really great album,she plays half the album on guitar and the other half on piano,she totally transforms the Rolling Stones "Satisfaction".There`s also a piano version of "In This Hole" which was on What Would… that`s awesome.
    I have Myra Lee and What Would The Community Think;Myra Lee has some good songs but it`s not consistent,"Rockets" is on it which I think is on Dear Sir as well,one of her best songs.


    Bucky Ramone

    Fine selection! (great to see someone covering Can too!) I also like Ida and Cat Powers, the covers album is great…..

    Another great cover I heard recently:
    Low + Dirty Three doing a nine-minute version of Neil Young’s ‘Down by the river’, going to include that on my next covers-mix!!!

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