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    Some good ones, seen some of them already, but a couple are new to me, love the last one on the right….

    Pictures :aliensmile:

    Click on the Dinosaur Jr & get a couple interesting pics as well :idea:



    Thanks for the link allison! I’ve gotta admit though that my favourite is either:
    with bob
    with tree
    in front of lodge wondering how the hell he was tricked into the wilderness by the photographer.



    j lives in the wilderness !! that’s probably his house (not the shack, but the big place w/the porch :lol:) …

    i just love these promo pix … i think they’re the best ones he’s ever taken …

    the last 2 j pix, ie the ones by g.chin where he’s wearing the green shirt, were taken in london … the live pic was taken at the underworld (club in camden) in sept of 2000 at his acoustic show + the street pic was taken at the crossroads in camden maybe on the same day ???

    that 2nd pic was printed in mojo along w/his choice of fave music … i copied that for a freakscene topic a while back



    hey, i’ve just had a closer look + that’s a really cool website … thanks for that :aliensmile: :aliensmile:

    + i’ve definitely never seen those dinosaur jr pix before … j used to look soooo different …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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