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    Consumer review of More Light


    J Mascis & The Fog: More Light
    by Sam Seiler

    It’s got to be intentional.

    Much like Rebecca Gates (Spinanes) and Scott Miller (Game Theory, Loud Family) do, J Mascis has always loitered—with ample funds, mind you—just outside the front door of pop stardom, refusing to venture in and make a purchase. Sure, as Dinosaur Jr.’s, um, creative dinosaur, Mascis became the pre milk-moustache poster boy for all that was healthy in college rock, but finding an over-40 that knows his name is about as likely as locating a Playstation 2 for standard retail.

    Be mindful, though, that it’s Mascis’ temperament, not his barometer, that has always positioned tantalizing morsels like “Start Choppin’â€

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