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    Alright.. i’m getting crazy about guitar pedals and I thought I’d throw some stuff out there. Anyway how many of you use lovetone pedals? How would you compare a rat to a big cheese? What sort of wah do you use? I use a vox, but I’ve been told the teese picture wah is boss(not the shitty company boss). I’m thinking of getting a mxr blue box but am unsure what i should spend. I bought a h20 delay/chorus pedal and think it’s way to digital… I’ve always been thinking about getting a deluxe memory man but have heard that the volume drops when it’s used. Also it’s not true bypass… Now I have heard that the Ibanez ad 9 analog delay is great… i dunno what do you all use or suggest? Finally… what about compression pedals… Lee Ranaldo uses a boss compression/sustain pedal, but i was wondering if anyone here has actually used one. What would i expect to hear? Oh and do you think it’s worth the extra money to buy a creamy dreamer? They’re true bypass plus they have a better range…

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