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    The first time I listened to the album I was quite surprised that J had put on all kinds of different keyboard sounds in many of the songs. I know he has done it before in songs like i`m goin home, not the same and stuff, but I must say that I was pretty amazed after hearing Ground me to you and Waisting.
    I like this album very much even though there is one track I don`t like very much and that is the single where`d you go. I am sorry to say it, but the song`s chorus reminds me of Hanson… "where`s today…..etc.



    yeh, J was looking for a new direction after the death of the Dinosaur (RIP), and he decided to play around with the keyboard/electric piano, made some class tunes as well. i don’t rate Where’d You Go as much as the other songs but i still like it…i certainly dont think it sounds like hanson, shame on you! [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img] anyway, i cant wait for the next album, maybe more stuff like Lets go to Church and Riptide Swim Sideways [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]



    I think "Where’d you go" is some kind of parody song. I saw a poster in a record store for More light that J had signed. On the little bat guy J had written "I’m J." I think he is kind of at odds with so much of him self being packaged in a little plastic disk. Maybe he’s not sure what he’s doing in that CD bin…

    I thought it sounded like a Foo Fighters song. I think it is probably ment to sound derivitive and remind you of a lot of songs. Maybe it is a kinder gentler veriety of audience abuse. That was a big part of the hard core scene that J grew up with.

    I have to say I love the lead guitar sound in "Ground Me To You." It is kind of like when you press down one of those pedals on a piano and all the strings start to resonate.


    Calimero jr.

    Just wanted to say that I really like Where’d You Go, the main riff is one of those killing riffs like J knows how to play [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] … simply puts such an enaergy in me I could listen it every morning to wake up
    Beside this I agree it’s surely not the best song J has written



    When I went to the show in Chapel Hill, a friend of mine after the show said "now I see why they released that (Where’d You Go) as a single". I felt the same way but before that show I would have probably picked Same Day as the single. Maybe it will follow Waistin. (There are so many great tracks on there)

    I’m working on some polls for the site now so maybe we can have our voices heard by the label(s) as to what the following single will be [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    I don’t think they’ll be another single…if there is it’s unlikely to be Sameday ‘cos it’s been available as an official MP3 from City Slang’s website for the past 8 months. I still reckon it’s the best trak on the LP though…the whole things a good romp though…I can see why people don’t like Where’d you go ‘cos it sounds like it’s been played before…it’s sort of Get Me again.



    I love "Where’d You Go." In fact, it’s probably my favorite song on the album. Makes me sad that J. gets flack for some of the poppier stuff he writes. How can you not like the first chord of the song?? Definately good stuff.



    I like the guitar on Where’d you go – that little riff with the univibe (or something) in there gives it a good ring. Doesn’t he use those lyrics somewhere else, like on Where You Been. These ones: "I been wanderin’ in a daze, not bein’ phased i just give up now."
    That sounds familiar to me.
    I agree that the chorus is a little corny though. He might’ve made it up five minutes earlier!



    I actually liked The chorus, my buddy taught me how to sing for the first time using that chorus… [img]images/smiles/converted/cool.gif[/img]



    out of all the songs i felt that Whered u go was a good choice for the first single.
    because the lyrics relate welll to him having been away for a while, so the song makes for a good comeback tune.
    also, i think this song sounds more like dinosaur jr stuff than the it is kind of a slow introduction into the new sound that he is making..
    the thing is tho, it always seems that people choose the wrong songs from albums as singles, probably due to the fact that the singles must be the most commercial songs from the particular album…

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