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    Couple movies I’m looking forward to checking out…

    Lost In Translation

    Starring Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansson, wicked soundtrack featuring new songs by Kevin Shields, some JAMC, MBV & more 8)

    They also have a contest for US citizens, you could win a trip to Tokyo :aliensmile:

    Bruce Campbell has a pretty pleasing movie coming out as well…

    Bubba Ho-Tep

    Gotta love that purple jumpsuit :wink:



    I’m looking foward to these too Alison!
    Here is some email I got about the Lost in Translation soundtrack :)

    Check out the latest from Kevin Shields (former lead singer of My
    Bloody Valentine), his first new music in 8 years on the Lost in
    Translation Soundtrack. Also featuring Death in Vegas, Air, Jesus
    and Mary Chain, and more…

    Here is one of his three tracks
    Kevin Shields – Are You Awake



    This movie sounds interesting, wicked cast…John Goodman, Bob Dylan, Jessica Lange, Mickey Rourke & more

    Masked & Anonymous :aliensmile:



    I’m looking forward too Paycheck by John Woo (The master of Hong Kong action movies) I hate Ben Affleck but I like Uma Thurman so it might be an interesting film.

    I hope it’ll get John Woo back on track after the terrible WINDTALKERS and Mi:2.



    Hoping to catch this movie soon, looks kinda corny but it’s Tim Burton :aliensmile:

    Big Fish Trailer :idea:

    Lost In Translation was named best film of the year in Canada, Bill Murray best actor & Sofia Coppola tied for best Screenplay of the year…story 8)



    Hope to see Just An American Boy sometime soon, looks pretty pleasing. :aliensmile:

    Check here for show dates, definitely keeping an eye on that additional cities will be bit :mrgreen:



    heh……i watched "lost in translation" while on a weekend in Dakar..dubbed in french. it struck me as really boring…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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