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    Hey there Freakscene.

    A couple of weeks ago I ran into Gaffney on the bus. He was completely drunk slash wasted and, as usual, friendly with me until he saw someone else he felt compelled to impress. And he still thinks my name is Andrea.

    Later I read this review of his new group in the local paper. Not only is it full of delusion but it’s also one big ass-kissing fest. Check out his review of Eric’s solo show. I was at that show, and let me tell you, there was nothing ‘genius’ about it. He was drunk on stage and he sounded like shit– half-finishing songs, etc. People were looking at each other to determine the appropriate level of pity applause.

    What burns more than fame by default? The comment about J’s music being ‘useless’. And the Neil Young thing- oh, so tired.

    Read it, get angry, write records. I’m sharing this because I need some empathy. Gimme.

    Fields of Gaffney

    riot grrrrouch



    Well, I couldn’t bring myself to read the entire thing… This has got to be Gaffney’s cousin or something.

    On the drunk-on-stage note, only a few people can pull that off effectively. Bob Pollard (Guided By Voices) comes to mind, he’s actually better drunk.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Full disclosure here: Gaffney is a friend of mine.</font><hr></blockquote><font>Okay. Then just write him a note to kiss his ass. Moron.



    All you want is empathy from me?



    I`m not much of a Gaffney fan,I think his songs on Sebadoh 3 ruined the album,the Bubble And Scrape songs were ok but not brilliant,why was Bakesale Sebadoh`s best album?cuz Gaffney had none of his songs on it.
    Anything with Sebadoh and Lou related you know some negative about J will be said,so don`t worry about it,J `s music is far from useless and way better then Gaffney.


    Long Distance Drunk

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Sebadoh started out as a collaborative/collective (read: hippie) type of band, and their records were sloppy and overlong, as if they didn’t care about anything. </font><hr></blockquote><font>Wait a sec, didn’t Sebadoh start out as just Barlow making tapes in his parents basement in an attempt to find a girlfriend? Seems to me that J & Lou & Murph pretty much feel that they were all assholes when they were younger, its time to let go people. Anyway Barlow rules, J is god, Lowenstein rocks, Gaffney should go back to working in a record store.



    He has no friends. He wants a friend. Preferably a friend who’s making music. He wants to be cool, pretend to have a lot of cred and possibly make out with girls. He tries to get all those things by writing a lot of words that he puts together in sentences. He makes sure to write a lot of crap about people that "made it," and to "explain" why his friend(hopefully) should have "made it."



    Yikes, hope this thread is just a taste of what the guy is getting in SF…what a pile of… <img>

    I agree the continued J/lou/sebadoh is better deal is way past old, way past lame, way past any kind of relevence…except of course to kiss ass journalists who are trying to score points with so called genius boys…ick <img>

    Thanks for the read Rosa, let us know if there is any major backlash against this guy…cause you know we’ll be there <img>




    I’m afraid I’m going to get my Indie Liscense revoked, I’ve never heard Sebadoh.


    buckingham rabbit

    whew, I guess you *won’t* be going to the gaffney/lowenstein show then! <img> (I wouldn’t have gone either)

    but I totally disagree with Salami’s assertion that Gaffeny’s songs ruined "III". ‘as the world dies, the eyes of god grow’ is a great song and I know he wrote that one. I don’t have the album here with me at work, but I know he wrote other good songs on there. ‘violent execution’ maybe?


    Long Distance Drunk

    I’ve been considering seeing Barlow in DC if I find out he’s playing cool stuff. Some of the Sebadoh/Folk Implosion stuff is genius, some falls off the mark, imo.



    how does one apply for an indie license?

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