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    i’m going and wondered, if there’s no other band listed does that mean j plays alone?




    Hi suicidaldream,
    I was at the last show in Columbus when J and the Fog played at Little Brother’s, and two bands opened up before him but they had been listed on the web page. I would say double check by calling if you are able to. i’ll be at this show as well. Chris <img>




    Think there will be more than a few freakscene members at that show, looking forward to some reviews!!! Fingers crossed a certain plant loving cool guy with a digital camera is front and center for the show…and yeah you know who you are!!!

    Have a great time at the show <img>



    K7 Rides Again

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>originally posted by AGAP:
    <strong>…and yeah you know who you are!!!</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>No…who am I???

    What? J’s coming to Columbus? How come no one told me? WTF!!! Sh*t!!! I better go buy a ticket. Yeah right… <img>

    You know if J’s coming anywhere near OH I’ll be there <img>

    Yeah, I haven’t heard anything about any bands opening up but who knows. I’ll try and swing through w/in the next couple of days and talk to the manager…see if I can scrounge up any additional info…

    Yeah, I think the pic card holds like 50 or so shots…so I’ll have plenty of pics to put up. Maybe I’ll get a panaramic of J rockin’.

    *if you’re taking pics don’t use a flash (it upsets J)

    The Hellacopters are going to be here next Saturday, so maybe I’ll get some pics of them as well.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll even get one of myself and let you all see *eerie twilight zone music in background*

    Yeah, kurtis and some of the COL Posse will be representing…maybe I’ll have to hook up w/ some other freaksceners and treat them to my town…a little preshow wastedness is always good <img>

    kurtis <img>

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    i went last year too! i will call, thanx for the link!



    Finally got around to ordering my ticket a few minutes ago. I have no idea how a $13 turned into a $19.25 purchase.

    For anyone who hasn’t been to Little Brothers before, it’s a great place to see a show. They’ve got a pool table, a full (and cheap!) bar, and no security / arse monkeys. I was there this past Saturday in fact…

    Not sure if I know any of you going to the show or not. I used to / still do run the Turnip Farm, and I’ve met quite a few mailing listers at shows in the past.

    I’ll be the tall boy with the bottle of Rolling Rock, DAT machine and Microphones. Hopefully sitting on the side ledge.

    If anyone from out of a town needs a place to crash instead of driving home, email me and we can talk.




    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by suicidaldream:
    <strong>i’m going and wondered, if there’s no other band listed does that mean j plays alone?

    merci!</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>According to, Cobra Verde is opening up for J.

    It’s a good idea *not* to yell for Guided by Voices songs.

    -Jamie, witnessed the demise of Guided by Verde in person circa 10/97.



    Can somebody tell me if J is playing solo on these most recent tour dates. I am seeing him in Chicago and am wondering if he is alone or not. Thanks.



    J is doing solo shows this time around, from all reports they have been amazing shows. Listening to the philly show mp3’s right now…VERY COOL!!!
    Keep your ears peeled for the new song, you won’t be disappointed.

    There are quite a few freakscene members in the amazing football town of Chicago, no doubt they will be there so hope you get to meet a few!!!

    Allison <img>

    ps pics and sounds…cool <img>



    acoustic totally. the best shows ever. try to get some recording too. that would be great <img>


    K7 Rides Again

    yo Jamie-u get the sound and I’ll get the pics, we could come up with a pretty good Columbus show review!!! I’ll keep an eye out for ya…

    Yeah, ticketmaster fuckin’ sux. You shoulda picked up tix while you were there-only $13 <img>

    Hey, for anyone else coming to the show
    look out for this guy
    I’ll be wearing that hat and taking lots of pics…

    See you all tomorrow <img>

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    I must be Goin Blind, can’t see a thing <img>

    Looking forward to the J pics, cool pic of yourself Colonel <img> I have a Hellacopters patch that would look cool on a hat…hmmm <img>




    Have fun!! Can’t wait to hear about it <img>



    Hey Kurtis,

    Cool, I will look for you there. I’ll probably be in a grey/orange ‘Tiara’ shirt.

    Hopefully if i get off work on time tonight, I’ll get to the club around 8 and be able to hook up my mics on the wall. So look for a white folded index card hanging off the wall pretty close to the PA. I should be underneath it.

    I also have a Hi-8 camcorder I can bring if anyone is feeling adventrous enough to hold it up to their face for 90 minutes. My arms dont last that long anymore. <img>

    I haven’t been this psyched for a show in a long time. In that tradition, I’m going to get off my rocker and look back at the Dinosaur Jr shows of my past:

    11/1/94 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall – This was my first ‘real’ show. The only thing I really remember is that Come played for what seemed like forever. J kept teasing the crowd by playing the first few chords to Feel the Pain after every song.

    5/3/97 Chapel Hill, NC – Cats Cradle – This was the end all of dinosaur shows. Incredible. I had driven 400 miles in the DeathTrap 88 (my old Pontiac) and was spending the day at NC State with an old mailing lister by teh name of Ben Secrest ([mote]). We ended up seeing Krist Novasellic (sp?) and Mike Johnson in the parking lot before in the afteroon. We spent the afternoon in Chapel Hill record shopping. The show was incredible…. 100 minutes long with an encore of Mike Johnson doing ‘Overdrive’ with J on drums. Afterwards we got to meet J, Mike and George (who is hilarious!) and get some records signed.

    5/4/97 – Norfolk, VA – The Boathouse – Heading north in the Deathtrap 88 with Ben for the show the following night in VA. We were completely lost in Norfolk just looking for someplace near the water that looked like a concert venue. We finally found it and it was pretty disappointing. The crowd was full of asses who were intent on fighting with each other. I got J’s ‘baked goods’ pic after the show and elbowed one of the boneheads jumping for it. All of this and I left the dome light in my car on. doh.

    5/?/97 – Columbus, Newport Music Hall – I can’t count how many shows I’ve seen that have been ruined by the lack of atmosphere at the Newport. It was just a going through the motions set for Dinosaur. Blah.

    5/?/97 – Clevleand – The Agora – After calling up Marlyce from the Mailing List, we decided to head up to Cleveland for the show. This is right behind Chapel Hill for the best show. They again did a version of ‘Overdrive’ with J on Drums and George playing the Bass like he was a total rock star. We got to sit on the front of the stage for the show. Awesome.

    11/1/97 – Detroit, MI – St Andy’s Hall – A friend (at the time) and I decided to see all of beautiful (sic) Detroit in an attempt to find the venue. I don’t remember a whole lot about teh show except J kept saying how ‘the people next door have the party going on’ since it was next to a bassy night club’. I actually have the show on tape and I keep saying ‘I think this is the ‘Alone’ guitar’ after almost every song <img>

    Tonight—- It’s been almost 5 years… Can’t wait…




    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by deepsludge:
    <strong>Have fun everyone!! Have ya know I put in for a couple of sick days today and tomorrow, but since I’m not going to the show, guess I will go back to werk tomorrow.

    </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Hey DeepSludge,

    Columbus is only about 9 or 10 hours away from Georgia… Order your ticket now through ticketmaster, then fly up I-77 and you’ll be here in time for the show <img>


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