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    bad news: I saw yesterday, that the announcement on the Forum homepage disappeared and I emailed them to ask if the show will take place. they were so kind to answer immediately, that the tour is cancelled <img> <img> <img>
    according to the Forum guy, they were "too expensive" <img> <img> *sigh*
    I hope J will turn up around here in the near future, hopefully in some kind of electric line up. that would be great…



    last night J confirmed that the show @ the festival in Germany is definate. the lineup includes J, Watt + the Asheton Brothers <img>



    Hi everyone,

    J, Watt, Ron and Scott are just playing the Pukkelpop festival. They were hoping to play a bunch of shows in Europe this fall, but without the big record company machine behind you, its sometimes difficult.

    As for the Germany shows, they were proposed to the band but were never confirmed. They especially would never be played under the moniker "Codename: Stooges". I guess that was some club owners dream show. No quicker way to piss off an audience than to call yerselves the "Stooges" and then not produce Iggy. Even if it is Eddie Vedder or Kim Gordon or Axl on the mic.

    As for Lowlands, the guys asked to be considered to play that and the Reading/Leeds festivals which happen to all be on the same weekend. No offers were tendered, which was surprising considering the number of times the same festivals name drop the Stooges when mentioning the Strokes and the Hives on their own websites. Oh well, i guess the Belgians will be the lucky ones to experience the blast of pure sonic fury that is "Rock Action".

    – five rapid blasts = danger




    hi everybody!

    I haven’t read all the posts at this thread, but is it definate that j and co will play in germany?

    how about the belgian festival?

    It will cost me some bucks to go and I also have a job to attend to so it might be a bit difficult for me to travel .

    Anyway, if J’s new album is set to be released in october/september then there’s a big chance that he will include norway/denmark/sweden in his futuristic european tour..

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    It be cool to see him drag an acoustic guitar again to sweden.


    Bucky Ramone

    I think the only fixed date in Europe (at the moment) is Saturday August 24th at the ‘Pukkelpop’ festival in Hasselt Belgium, where they are billed as ‘Tribute to the Stooges’…..

    I don’t know if this has been posted before, but here is a review from their gig at the All Tomorrows Parties ‘festival’ earlier this year!

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    furry thing

    Hey everybody, I’m defenitly gonna see J at the Pukkelpop festival. Can anybody recommend a good Stooges album? Greetzzz



    All the Stooges albums are great but in my opinion Funhouse is the one to get.



    hey furry thing,
    you’ve got it good. You have the chance to see the only Stooges tribute show with J, the Ashetons and Watt here in Europe this summer! <img>
    The other bands on the festival are cool, too.
    Hope you’ll have a lot of fun there and maybe you could post a review afterwards?
    That would be great!

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