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    I am in Bielefeld, germany and i heard something about J and the ashetons and watt playing over here in august under codename: stooges!!!!

    anyone have any info?




    Haven’t heard anything about that at all, but sure would love to see something like that in Canada. Although think Iggy may have something to say about the use of the Stooges deal, unless he finally breaks down and does the reunion thing he’s talked about for years.

    Hope you’ve seen these pics of the ATP show, very cool to see Scott Asheton out of his moms basement and behind the kit again. He still looks like he could kick some ass though <img>
    ATP photos

    You certainly get around wattthehell, Scandinavia, NYC and Germany, not bad <img>


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    hey wattthehell, thanks for the hint. That’s what I found out about it:
    It’s listed on the August program preview on the website of the "Forum Bielefeld" concert hall:

    = Ron&Scott Asheton (Stooges) / Mike Watt (Firehose) / J.Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) spielen alle Stooges-Hits <img>

    That’s the website (all in German): Forum Bielefeld
    You find it under "Veranstaltungen" and there under "Vorschau".

    I hope there will be some more dates like this one here in Germany (Hamburg???). Otherwise I have to think about travelling … <img>



    Hey Flying Cloud,

    Thanks for that follow up info deal…sounds like a very thrilling show. Do the travel thing, don’t think you’ll regret it <img> Canada sucks, never get anything that cool <img> <img>

    Allison <img>



    Hey Flying Cloud,

    could you tell me where exactly Bielefeld is? I live close to Amsterdam, but this sounds like it might be worth travelling to Germany for.

    By the way, if somebody bumps into J by accident and it feels like one of those moments you have a million questions, but you can’t think of them at that time, ask him if he can come to this annual festival in the Netherlands called Lowlands. Tell him to drop by on the 24th of August. I’ll make sure he has a place to sleep. Thanks.


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    hi Samwise! Bielefeld is quite a small city in Northern Germany.
    From Enschede/the border of the Netherlands you have to head straight to the East (about 150km).
    It is about a two hours road trip from Hamburg (not really a big journey), but I’ve never been there – IMHO it’s one of those cities, you’ll never visit, if you haven’t got a good reason… <img>



    iggy pop is on tonight in oslo at a festival called norwegian wood. he steps in for Tool who withdraw.

    this is a preshow before iggy starts his summertour.



    cool <img>
    Are you going to that festival, Simmons?
    I got your hint Allison <img> and yes, I’ll do my very best to make the way to Bielefeld in August <img>



    I can`t believe this , I live near Bielefeld and I will be in Canada at the end of august.
    The club is probably one of the best clubs in Germany , so it`s worth a bit of a journey .
    from enschede holland it will take you about two hours .
    what a line up , it`s gonna be a hell of a show.
    anyone wants to give me 500 $ , so i can cancel my flight ?????? No , mmmhhh , all right , have fun at this very special night.



    hi wavemuppet, welcome to the boards <img>
    how sad, that you’re not around to see this show!

    Great, that some other ‘freaks’ plan to come along like Simmons from Norway and Samwise from Holland <img>

    I hope this show will be confirmed soon. On the Forum-website they still write ‘tbc’ (to be confirmed), and Mike Watt doesn’t mention it on his hootpage, yet.



    Tribute to the Stooges is confirmed for Pukkelpop, 22-24 august, Hasselt, Belgium
    More original members here than in Guns ‘n Roses



    hey Bartman! Thanks for posting that! <img>
    Hopefully there will be some more of those Stooges-Tribute-Gigs in August <img>



    just a thought, but most airlines will let you change the date of your travel for a small fee- 100$


    Bucky Ramone

    The line-up for Pukkelpop looks quite impressive (and it’s at the end of the first week of my next holiday <img> ):

    Thursday August 22nd:
    Ikara Colt, Millionaire, Trail Of Dead, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Puddle Of Mud, Nickelback, Jane’s Addiction, Serfin, Vendetta Red, Antipop Consortium, Rivals Schools, Jimmy Eat World, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Breeders, Tha Dandy Warhols, Brainpower, Fc Kahuna, Peaches, Telepopmusic, Rinocerose, Luke Slater, Dj Tiga, Freq Nasty, Shy Fx, 2Many Dj’s, Aphex Twin, Timo Maas, Fenix, Tx, Skindred, Frenzal Thomb, Cave In, Nrew Found Glory, Fu Manchu, The Get Up Kids, A, No FX, The Spirit That Guides Us, New End Original, Dot Allison, The Electric Soft Parade, Joseph Arthur, The Music, Lemon Jelly, Lemon, Max Tundra, McClusky, Schneider TM, Rothko, Dj Peretz, Starbot Ensemble, Nid & Sancy, Akufen, Jamie Lidell.

    Friday August 23rd (my birthday <img> ):
    Trust Company, The Cooper Temple Clause, GZA/Genius, Disturbed, Sick Of It All, Korn, Underworld, The D4, Custom, Leaves, Vex Red, Stereo Total, Saian Supa Crew, Andrew WK, Sneaker Pimps, Rubin Steiner, Alice Rose, Gonzales, Junkie XL, Miss Kitten & The Hacker, Layo & Bushwacka, N.E.R>D., Dj Shadow, Dj Krust, Seb Fontaine, X-Press 2, Change feat. Mr. C., Icarus Line, Grade, Bouncing Souls, Dashboard Confessional, Midtown, Face To Face, Saves The Day, Sahara Hotnights, No Use For A Name, Firewater, Vue, Ekova, Promise Ring, Pedro The Lion, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Bees, Thursday, Breakestra, Def Lux, Killa Kela.

    Saturday August 24th:
    Vandal X, Filter, Hundred Reasons, 16 Horsepower, Stereo Mc’s, Suede, Guns ‘n’ Roses, High On Fire, Interpol, Danko Jones, Enon, Sparta, The Notwist, Motorpsycho, Tribute To The Stooges, Clouddead, Bauchklang, Super Collider, Speedy J., Miss Dynamite, Royksopp, Gotan Project, Praga Kahn, Simian, Adam Freeland, Arthur Baker, Magnus, Jan Van Biesen, Darren Emerson, Scarrots, Donuts, Jaya The Cat, Circle, 3rd Strike, Reel Big Fish, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deviate, The Donnas, Calibre, 22 Pistepirkko, Maximilian Hecker, Mull Historical Societey, Vega 4, The Liars, Saybia, Hot Water Music, Gemma Hayes, Lali Puna, Jaga Jazzist, Russian Percussion, Badmarshi & Shri, Koop, Jazzanova.



    I`ve finally made it .
    I will be in germany to see this stooges thing .
    Can`t wait for that .
    Has anybody of you got some ideas about clubs and venues in Toronto ? or some good websites about what`s up in `ronno ?

    all right , see some of you in bielefeld …..!


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