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    And a happy 9th of July to everyone…

    So I caught and photographed both the Thursday, June 26 and Friday, June 27 Cobra Verde (w/ J) gigs.

    The photos are here: http://homepage.mac.com/pwhitfield/PhotoAlbum23.html


    J was in upbeat mood. I brought him some photos from the Iggy and The Stooges gig. It was too bad that Ron Asheton decided to go with only one guitarist for the Iggy reunion gig. It was the Asheton, Asheton, Masics, and Watt gigs that caught Iggy’s attention in the first place. Ron just wanted to keep the Stooges as a four member band and J was the odd man out. Oh well, J has no heard feelings. J and Luisa are engaged, their Wedding is in July.

    George Berz was sporting a short hair cut. He looks very corporate GQ

    Thursday’s Cobra set brought out the ‘idiot’ in Evan Dando. He was jumping up and down and all around while pissing people off. Fortunately, after the second song, Evan left the gig to return to his hotel room to do ‘whip-its’. Cobra Verde just Rocked.

    Friday’s Cobra show brought out the greater ‘idiot’ in Evan when he crossed paths with me. J had asked me to photograph him on stage w/ his new Flowered guitar. He wanted to send the photos to Fender. So early on into the Cobra set, I parked myself in front of J and started snapping away.

    As soon as I started photographing J, I got shoved from behind by someone who I thought was dancing (there were several people grooving heavily while CV were on stage), so I quickly did a step foward (and to the right) and made space for the ‘dancers’. Once I thought I was safe, I stuck the camera to my face and got ready to shoot…Then…Slam!!! I moved again, then Slam (again)!?!?! WTF!!! I turn around to confront the Asshole and was mildly surprised that it was Evan doing the slam dancing…He was laughing at me and acting like a child…He lunged towards me again and nearly knocked my camera out of my hands. My very first words to Evan Dando: "Whats you fucking problem, Asshole?". I left the floor and shot the remaining Cobra set from stage left. I packed my camera up once CV finished.

    I live by a simple code. And that code is: if you are an Asshole, then don’t count on me taking your photograph. And thats what I did. I told George Berz what happened, he just rolled his eyes and said "since your not busy anymore, you wanna drum for me, because I’m a little tired". I politely said no thanks.

    I stayed to watch George pound away on his drum kit for few songs then I said my goodbyes to J and the CV folks.

    That is all…OSX Out.

    More Observations:
    The Cafe Du Nord is a great place to see live music and lounge. The Bottom of the Hill is no long serving Rolling Rock in a bottle. Rosa was a no show for both CV shows.



    Thanks for the review OSX :)

    Congrats to J and Luisa!!! :D :) 8) :!:



    i think my very first words to evan were along those same lines.

    except i think i said fucker instead of asshole.



    Thanks for those great pics OSX 8)

    Great news about J & Luisa, wonder if Bob will put on a purple cape & bow tie for the wedding :wink: :aliensmile:


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey OSX, thanks for the story & the pix (especially the b/w’s) 8)

    Great news about J. and Luisa as well :D :D :D :!:

    And ‘asshole’ seems to be a mild way to describe mr. Dando and his behaviour…. :slap:


    expect nothing

    thanks for the story :) ( i cant get to the pictures right now, but thanks in advance :) ) like the rest of you have said – great news about J and Luisa :):), congratulations :D



    hey OSX, many thanks for the cool pics & for the interesting insights and stories around the show :mrgreen: 8) :!:
    Evan Dando showed a more than strange behaviour, indeed :evil:

    great news about J & Luisa of course, congrats on engagement & upcoming wedding
    :D :D :D :D :D :D



    Little late :roll:

    Thanks 4 the nice storie
    & The Beautiful Pics

    Great news about J being a married man


    fata morgana

    It’s taking more than a lot for me to say this, but I wish J. and Luisa la ot of Luck and…what’s that word?… Happiness. 8)



    as always your pix are great !!! thanks again for sharing them with us :D

    and wow … what news !!! j and luisa are getting married (or maybe they’re already married ??) that’s just fantastic … :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: … i’m sending them all the happiest wishes and thoughts as poss across the atlantic (unless they’re in germany and then it would have to be the other way – the english channel and beyond) … and it would be pretty cool to see a wedding pic or 2, but i guess that’s kind of private – my guess is they would dress up bob in a funny outfit …

    i wonder if they’re planning on starting a family ? that would be cool to have a little mascis running around … or they could have a bunch of kids and give them all different instruments to play :lol: :D

    hope they also get a chance to go on a nice, long honeymoon as well … with the year they’ve had it sounds like they deserve a break :aliensmile:



    hey there. rosa was a ‘no show’ because she was leaving to be in a wedding in New York.

    actually, on those nights, she was packing, mentally preparing for a visit with her father, and trying to reconcile the fact that she is dating someone who lives 400 miles away.

    she wanted to go to the Cobra Verde show, but was not in a good psychological state to be forcing her way through the hipsters. if I remember correctly, she spent the night drinking tea and crying. part of her thought that a concert would pull her out of her preoccupations, but part of her thought that loud noise and tight crowds were not a good cure for anxiety.

    she did think of OSX and J fondly, though, especially when one of her best friends called her on the weekend and said ‘I heard J Mascis was in town and I thought of you, I’m sure you went, I heard it was great.’

    thanks so much for sharing your pics, I really looked forward to seeing those. knew you’d come through, as always.

    take care

    p.s. cafe du nord really is beautiful and intimate; it’s my favorite bar (so far) in the city. plan to celebrate the birthday there this weekend :wink:

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