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    Ed, the bass player from Cobra Verde, is circulating this today regarding CV’s upcoming dates with J (and also a couple without him). Here it is as written, with a few punctuation corrections. Keep watching http://www.cobraverde.com for the latest Official info.
    From: "edward a. sotelo"
    Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:46:28 -0400
    Subject: "they called it rock…"

    Dear Rock and Rollers,

    The rumors are true—Cobra Verde’s hitting the road once again with
    roaring amps, karate kicks, and a sackfull of tunes both new and old.

    Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Here are the dates.

    The preemptive strike will be in September.

    friday, 9/20 grog shop, cleveland, with mudhoney and the chargers
    street gang
    saturday 9/21 magic stick, detroit, with the dirtbombs and dead moon

    And then we’ll move in the ground forces, backed up by some heavy
    artillery, namely, j. mascis (actually, we’re opening for him, but i

    fri, 10-11: philly, north star
    sat, 10-12: brooklyn, north six
    wed, 10-16: pittsburgh, rosebud
    thu, 10-17: detroit, magic stick
    fri, 10-18: cleveland, grog shop
    sat, 10-19: to be announced
    sun, 10-20: chicago, abbey pub
    weds,10-23: portland, at some club to be named later…
    thu, 10-24: seattle, the tractor
    fri, 10-25: san fran, bottom of the hill
    sat, 10-26: los angeles, the roxy

    More changes to follow in the upcoming weeks, to be sure…

    Much respect,

    E. Sotelo
    Cobra Verde bass-slinger, shortstop

    (Post has been slightly edited to remove some personal info at the original author’s request.)

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    That Chicago date on the 20th is new, no doubt a few BEARS fans will be thrilled!!!

    Allison <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by deepsludge:
    <strong>preemptive strikes, ground forces, heavey artillery? Is J gonna play Iraq…</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>J. plays Beirut as part of The "Get it on in LebanonFEST" then plays two sold out dates at Cairo Dome in Egypt!



    Wait, I’ve got another war torn land concert report! He’s playing WDMZ’s Indie Rock Showcase live from the Demilitarized Zone!! w00t!



    This just in:

    AP – Khandibar, Afghanistan – Violence erupted last night at J. Mascis’ preformance at the sold-out Beheadings and Soccer Field in Khandibar when a female audience member had the audacity to remove her bee-suit-esque head covering during an extended guitar solo in The Wagon. US opposition leaders already had been thrown into a tizzy over Mascis’ clever reworking of tradiotinal Jamacian hit "Come Mr. Tallyman," in which Mascis sang, "Come Mr. Taliban, Turn Over Bin Laden" during a jam out at the end of Freak Scene.

    Opposition leaders beheaded the young fan right there and then, as one young Afghanistani said, "It was like 1998 all over again! People were being beheaded all over the place for all sort of Koran related offenses." Some place partial responsibility on J. Mascis for continuing along with the next song on the setlist – Start Choppin’. Mr. Mascis could not be reached for comment, but his publicist has reported he will play his next two scheduled dates at Cairo Dome in Egypt, complete with his planned cover of Bangles’ hit Walk Like An Egyptian.



    J.’s getting more fucking press then fucking Eminem. Fucking TRL, here we fucking come.



    Damn, how’d you get that update before me Sludge? They never tell me anything… <img>



    LOL, Jaron & ‘sludge, you both are really crazy <img>
    you let the ‘Freedom’ flag fly – everywhere, around the world?! <img> <img> <img>



    Just to follow up on this–the full-up schedule of Cobra Verde dates with J, including a couple dates that weren’t finalized at the time of that previous e-mail, has been posted at the Cobra Verde official website, http://www.cobraverde.com .

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