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    Cobra Verde talk about the gigs with J, too:

    "I was up real late last night playing bass trying to learn the songs [from Mascis’ new album, Free So Free], although I’m not really a bass player, so I’m kinda thrown into this," says Petkovic with a laugh. "Mark [Klein, CV drummer] is saying to me, ‘Man, what songs are we doing again? Do you know them?’ I’m going, ‘I dunno, do you know this stuff?’ Maybe by the time we get to Seattle, things’ll be more coherent! But there’s not really any game plan to this. We’ve learned some of the old Dinosaur songs, like ‘Freak Scene,’ ‘The Lung,’ a few others. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what is going to happen. He’s still going to play, say, half his stuff acoustically, then we’ll get up and play with him. But with J., there’s nothing planned out."



    thanks muchly for the post <img>

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