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    Here’s the 1st batch of the best of my shots from the two Chicago shows. All of these are from Wednesday as I royally botched the shots from Tuesday. And of course, the post wouldn’t be complete w/o pics of the cutest, smartest, most adorable Dino baby girl EVER :)

    I may end up converting all of them to black and white as the Metro had pretty crappy lighting — almost all only red & green lights. The Irving Plaza had a much better lightshow. I was very jealous of the photog at that show.







    I like the lens flare on this one




    Bring on the encore

    118 dB. It went up to about 122 at one point.

    Daddy & Murph already finished the wine




    Awesome shots….the one with J banging his head and the lens flare are great!!!! Thanks



    Tom –

    Great pics, thanks. The brunette looks very familiar – is that your wife? Perhaps we’ve met before, or just run into each other at other shows.

    By the way I thought the show was great, very different from other djr shows. They definitley don’t sound like that unless all 3 of them are there. I couldn’t believe that they played The Post, nice!



    ummm … the brunette is Lou’s wife Kath :o The baby is Hannelore Barlow, of course.

    I should be so lucky.


    fata morgana
    "tom_in_chicago " wrote:
    I should be so lucky.

    Oh no :) You stole my line 8)


    Listen to Tarpit

    Those pictures are great. Too bad I wasn’t able to go….I’m only 17….I’m not going to miss them again.

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