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    http://www.chartattack.com/features/707 … -farm-life

    Dinosaur Jr. will release their ninth album, Farm, on June 23.

    Single-named drummer Murph spoke to CHARTattack from a tour stop in North Carolina about the new record, the band’s famous (lack of) communication and why a good band should never stop pushing forward.

    CHARTattack: So where are you guys right now?
    Murph: We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were just in Chapel Hill. We’ve got, like, four shows left on this tour, so we’re slowly heading back. The last show is in Baltimore and then we head home.

    Are you going back on tour this summer?
    Oh, yeah. We break in June, the album comes out mid-June and then the end of June we have a few New York shows and then we head to the west coast to L.A. to do some shows. Or vice versa. I’m not really sure. Whenever you put out an album, you have to support it.

    So how did the recording process for the new record work?
    It was a lot different than Beyond. With Beyond, it took about seven months to make while we were touring on and off. It was a lot more ………. read the rest of the interview

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