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    Don’t think this has been posted, I’ve just transcribed it from Channel 4 Teletext in the UK…

    C4 Teletext – Planet Sound, 5th April 2005

    Interview by John Earls


    Almost as surprising as Pixies getting back together is the news that, 16 years after their last gig, Dinosaur Jr have reformed to play Download.

    Before playing at Donington on June 10, the trio do a pair of dates at London Forum on June 8-9. But, after years of sniping in the press, how have J Mascis and Lou Barlow kissed and made up?

    J tells PS how he’s been waiting for Lou’s anger to run out, and why it’s strictly a one-off reunion…

    J Mascis has a surprisingly mundane explanation for Dinosaur Jr’s reunion.

    "The old records are being reissued, so why not," he states. "Over the last three years or so, I’ve come to see Sebadoh when they’ve been in town. Lou’s stopped shouting at me whenever I come near him, and that helps.

    "Lou was angry that we broke up, and he screamed about me in the press whenever my name came up. I couldn’t get the band back while that was going on."

    Although J Mascis carried on making Dinosaur Jr albums until 1997, their gigs in June are the first with Lou Barlow since 1989.

    "Once we finished Bug, Lou formed Sebadoh," explains J, 39. "He began keeping songs back for his other band. Once that started, there was no way back, he had to leave.

    "I’m more sociable than those days, but Lou’s changed more. He had to run out of anger about me eventually."

    Dinosaur Jr are definite that their reunion shows in June are a one-off.

    "There won’t be any new songs," says J (it stands for Joseph). "What’s the point? Nobody cares about the new song The Stooges are playing on tour.

    "We haven’t started rehearsing yet. I haven’t, anyway. I imagine Lou may be hard at work, he was always a lot more into rehearsing than me. I’m not going into this thinking we’ll do a new album afterwards, because we won’t."

    The first reunion show Dinosaur Jr are playing is for American TV.

    "They want us to play Cracked (sic), so that solves any discussion on what song Lou and I should do first," says J Mascis.

    "I’ve been remastering our old records for the reissues, and I’ve played the songs live all along, so I don’t need to be refreshed over playing them. Our drummer Murph says we could re-record the albums, get ’em sounding better. Like, why waste time doing that?"

    Dinosaur Jr are honest about why they’ve chosen metal festival Download as their British reunion show.

    "They asked first," deadpans J Mascis."We haven’t had that many offers since we let it be known we’re available.

    "That’s not a surprise. I mean, I can’t see our influence. Some bands say they loved our music, and I can’t hear it when I listen to their records. Broken Family Band, they’re big fans, and sound nothing like Jr. Good for them."

    Once Dinosaur Jr finish their summer shows, J Mascis is going back to play drums for unsigned band Witch.

    "It’s a weird set up," admits J. "It’s me and a friend who’s also 39 playing behind these two 22-year-old kids.

    "One of the kids asked me to get involved with his other band. They’re nice, but they’re really folky. I was ‘Man, you’re 22, shouldn’t you sound angry?’ So I play with his other band Witch, and we’re just like Sabbath."


    (My first post but I’m a long term Dino fan… roll on June 8th) :D



    Cool :D thanks for that


    "fair_and_fey" wrote:
    My first post but I’m a long term Dino fan… roll on June 8th) :D

    It was a hell of a first post :)
    Thanks for that! Good stuff!



    Thanks for transcribing that, appreciate it :!:

    Lots of interesting info…:mrgreen:

    Welcome to FreakScene 8) :!: 8)


    "fair_and_fey" wrote:
    Lou’s stopped shouting at me whenever I come near him, and that helps.

    That is so funny, Thank You, one of my favorite J quotes so far!

    This answers some questions.



    Fun read! I’m still really hoping that this thing works out in Europe and they can few shows over here. Hopefully things that have only been slightly mended hold up and only good is to come. I’m sure both J and Lou have learned a few things in the past 15+ years to at least co-operate. I’m sure they’ve both grown a bit and lost some of the anxiety that was present. Lou is actually a fairly decent guy from as far as I can tell, and it’s been a while for him to learn and grow. I’m sure the same can be said for J. Lets hope for the best, cuz if they come back to Western Ma. my dreams will come true!



    They’re gonna play Kracked! :D



    ouch, J sounds pretty bitter there



    kracked? excellent. dont the bands play 2 songs with the second one being during the credits? hmmm… maybe thats some other show?



    cool … fair_and_fey = eagle-eyed dino fan :D

    many thanks for posting that …

    that definitely does answer lots of questions …

    and poses a few too, like what’s up with this witch band …

    … who’s the other older guy in it ? … + have these guys been in another band before ?

    etc, etc, etc …



    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome :D

    I’m glad the article was interesting to you all, it was a surprise to me when I found it there!


    "Jon" wrote:
    kracked? excellent. dont the bands play 2 songs with the second one being during the credits? hmmm… maybe thats some other show?

    that’s the Jimmy Kimmel show I believe



    Glad they are playin ‘Kracked’ too! a real WAHWAH WORKOUT!
    my only bitch is they gotta play on that craig ferguson show…
    that dude is the uncoolest in late nite!
    much has been criticized already on his mannerisms, lack of entertainment value, fumbling intros and jokes…and his plain lack of humor.
    he has no sense of coolness either,imo-and if they have time to talk to j and band he is the type to make j just get turtle like…
    my take anyway…
    s 8)
    (they dont even have a stage area-like all the other shows…
    justa little "den" area where it will be funnee to see all them Marshall stacks in :wink:



    He,he, I don’t have a television and I don’t want to go to someones house and stay up late. I do hope it is taped and put up at free so free.

    I do know about the late, late show or whatever it is called because I do get out of my house and spend a few nights here and there upon occasion. I watched a little David Letterman during the summer (on Vacation) the late, late show comes on right after that correct?
    but at another topic here I read about other late shows Jenny Jones (JJ) and another fellow neither of which I had ever heard of.



    holy crap. that explains a lot. that is the most words ive heard j say in an interviiew ever me thinks… but what the hell is with the way english always use words about j like mundane and droll… come on nothings more droll then trying to sit through a bbc broadcast… must be the jellied eels and meat deserts.

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