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    trying out the new poll feature. there are FIVE possible responses.

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    buckingham rabbit

    the thing is screwed up and i can’t see the first question, so i won’t vote. but i hate cell phones.



    I never answer my home phone (valid reasons thou) so I can’t imagine why I would want another phone to not answer <img> I understand the emergency deal though, when I was frequently on the road by myself in my oh so unreliable car it would have been cool to have one. But definitely am with the people who want zero cell phone usage in cars while driving… <img>

    Allison <img>

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    I don`t answer the phone either,the only people who call is telemarketers <img> and wrong numbers.Alot of wrong numbers,people who want to order pizza or think it`s a auto repair shop <img>
    I like how jazz musician Thelonious Monk used to answer his phone-"Monk a`int here" and hang up <img>



    yeah no one should be able to use one in a car unless it was totally hands free



    I just hate the cell phone as a fashion accessary, who has actually heard an important phone call taking place on a cell phone?



    Hey Anthonyg,

    With you on the hands free only in the car, definitely cool with that. There are a lot of distractions in cars, cd, radio, passengers etc, hopefully people will recognize when they are unable to do all those things at the same time and drive…ie don’t do it if you can’t!!!! I can’t be trusted to play certain cd’s and remain within the speed limit, so I don’t play them <img>

    Allison <img>


    K7 Rides Again

    I don’t have, don’t really want…
    People driving and talking on the celly <img> I’ve already mentioned how people in the big CO can’t drive and cells make it 10x worse <img>
    Also, people bring ’em to class and let it ring…disrupts the whole lecture. For crying out loud, if it’s that important, don’t come to class!

    However, I do find them convenient. It’s nice to have one around…especially since some of the heads are never home. It’s also easy to co-ordinate shit when we’re all out and about. Also come in handy at work as we move from job site to job site. <img>
    My 2 cents…

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