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    My cdr and cdrw are acting up. all of a sudden the computer is unable to operate the devices but it recognizes them on the control panel/device manager.
    I get an error code 19 which is the system not able to retrieve the information from the REGISTRY.
    I have run the troubleshooter and un installed and reinstalled the cdr and cdrw and even tried other cdrs and cdrws from other computers…exhausting the possibility of device failure.
    I have uninstalled the devices and the computer recognizes them at bootup.
    I have checked the registry and confirmed that the SYSTEM key has full control over the computer.
    Has anyone any clue? UPDATE***************

    Well, I became so angry at this computer that I pushed it off the table, now it is working fine, go figure? Gosh I am glad I don’t have "likeaghost’s" walkman problems, mine is working fine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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