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    01 Jason Anderson – New England
    02 The Rudy Trouve Sextet – 2002/2003
    03 Hayden – Elk Lake Serenade
    04 Hope Of The States – The Lost Riots
    05 The Cure – The Cure
    06 Jason Molina – Pyramid Electric Co.
    07 The Love Substitutes – The House Is On Fire
    08 The Earlies – These Were The Earlies
    09 Zita Swoon – A Song About A Girls
    10 American Music Club – Love Songs For Patriots



    1-Shannon Wright-Over The Sun

    The woman disturbs me but I love her.She spews the lyrics out so bitterly plus the songs haunt you long after you`ve heard it

    2-Sam Phillips-A Boot And A Shoe

    Who would`ve thunk an ex christian rock singer would have one of the most sexiest voices on the planet

    3-Jay Farrar-Stone,Steel and Bright Lights

    A live album that really surprised me.Farrar can still write `em.His cover of Neil Young`s Like A Hurricane and Pink Floyd`s Lucifer Sam is just killer

    4-Silkworm-It`ll Be Cool

    Short album.good tunes.These guys are still at it after almost 20 years.

    5-Juliana Hatfield-In Exile Deo

    A few bad songs but mostly another fine sunny record.Her voice is the best she`s ever sounded.

    6-Jolie Holland-Escondida

    Jazz/folk/country/blues.Like if Billie Holiday was from Texas.

    7-Robert Pollard-Fiction Man

    GBV frontman does ace solo album.It gets better over time

    8-Iron And Wine-Our Endless Numbered Days

    Elliot Smith will never die while Sam Beam is around

    9-Richard Buckner-Dents And Shells

    Another fine album by him.His songwriting is strange(over more recent albums),he does`nt go for hooky choruses.It`s writes sorta like a diary.

    10-Bonnie Prince Billy-Sings Greatest Palace Music

    Will goes to Nashville.Produced by the guy that produces Alan Jackson :? it all works out though



    Only 10??? :? hope you guys don’t mind if I have some more…

    1 Blonde Redhead – Misery is a Butterfly
    (I’m still on my knees, can’t get enough!)

    2 Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News
    (great that their new album is lovely :))

    3 Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse
    (same goes for SY)

    4 Morrissey – You Are The Quarry
    (why is it so surprising that this album is really wonderful :? :))

    5 Mark Lanegan – Bubblegum
    (cool solo album of former Screaming Trees/ QUOTSA singer)

    6 The Thermals – Fuckin A
    (listen to them, you might fall in love with them in the first 30 seconds)

    7 Arcade Fire – Funeral
    (I listened a lot to that album lately, and it grows a lot with listening)

    8 Interpol – Antics
    (almost mainstream, but extremely beautiful)

    9 Tara Jane ONeil – You Sound, Reflect
    (I agree, SG, it’s mellow but has more than a few beautiful moments)

    10 Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! – Selftitled
    (charming guys, cool gig and a very nice album full of pop beads)

    11 The Secret Machines – Now Here Is Nowhere
    (going to see them tomorrow :))

    12 The Twilight Singers – She Loves You
    (reminds me of a great gig)

    13 Soulwax – Any Minute Now
    (same goes for Soulwax)

    14 Woven Hand – Consider The Birds
    (same goes for Woven Hand, 16Horsepower’s main man’s solo project)

    15 The Faint – Wet From Birth
    (I missed their gig, but the album rocks)

    16 Adam Green – Friends of Mine
    (weird lyrics to ‘harmless’ singer/songwriter attitude? no! there’s definitely more about him, he’s a very talented guy!)

    17 Tribute To NRBQ – Q People
    (Especially good: the cover song "I Want You Bad" by J :D)

    19 TV on the Radio – Desperate, Blood Thirsty Babe
    (a saturnine, introverted and great blend of electronic sounds and guitars)

    19 Nikki Sudden – Treasure Island
    (I’m a long long long time fan of him, he can’t do wrong for me)

    [seems like I have to check Shannon Wright, SG, your description sounds interesting! :) …I’m still looking for an album to complete my top 20…. :)]



    FC-hope you like Shannon,she`s been compared to everyone from Cat Power to Tori Amos to Tom Waits to PJ Harvey to Janis Joplin.I`ve been kinda obsessed with her recently.It`s like music for ghosts :shock: really haunting stuff.


    Bucky Ramone

    My provisional top 20, will post my definitive list when the year is over…:

    1. Secret Machines – Now here is nowhere
    2. Chuck Prophet – Age of miracles
    3. Grant Lee Phillips – Virginia Creeper
    4. Jim White – Drill a hole in the substrate…
    5. Flip Kowlier – In de fik
    6. The Earlies – These were the Earlies
    7. Mark Lanegan Band – Bubblegum
    8. Sonic Youth – Sonic nurse
    9. Wilco – A ghost is born
    10. Ken Stringfellow – Soft Commands
    11. The Mountain Goats – We all shall be healed
    12. Lambchop – Awcmon/Noyoucmon
    13. Goldie Lookin Chain – Greatest Hits
    14. The Concretes
    15. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Abbatoir Blues/the Lyre of Orpheus
    16. Marah – 20,000 Streets under the sun
    17. The Czars – Goodbye
    18. Luna – Rendezvous
    19. Zita Swoon – A song about a girls
    20. Jake Brennan & the Confidence Men – Love & Bombs



    Hey, I saw TGN recently w/Mirah, Bunnygrunt, and the King Cobra. It wasn’t bad but I felt the quietness and mellowness overshadowed the songwriting.

    I’m afraid I dont’ know if I’ve bought ten albums released in 2004. Outside the new Belle and Sebastian I’ve pretty much been sticking with shoring up my collection of "need to know’ music. :oops:


    "malcom ramone" wrote:
    Hey, I saw TGN recently w/Mirah, Bunnygrunt, and the King Cobra. It wasn’t bad but I felt the quietness and mellowness overshadowed the songwriting.

    Tara Jane O`Neil you mean?Check out some Rodan(they did one album calle Rusty)to hear her in a more loud/quiet context.The sleepy mellow stuff is what she goes for nowadays it seems.



    1. Franz Ferdinand – S/T
    2. Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News
    3. William Shatner – Has Ben
    4. Scissor Sisters – S/T
    5. Eagles Of Death Metal – Peace Love Death Metal (FUCKING AWESOME ALBUM)
    6. Macho Man – Be A man

    sorry I can only do six off the top of my head

    here’s 2004’s

    1. Electric Six – Fire
    2. Andrew WK – THE WOLF
    3. WEEN – QUEBEC
    4. The Mars Volta – De-Loused In The Comatorium
    5. White Stripes – Elephant


    1-Saturday Looks Good to Me-Every Night

    2-Les Savy Fav-Inches

    3-Ted Leo + Pharmicists-Shake the Sheets

    4-Galactic Heroes-On Every Sidewalk

    5-Redhead Blonde-Misery is a Butterfly

    6-Modest Mouse-Good News for People That Like Bad News

    7-Sonic Youth-Sonic Nurse

    8-Thermals-Fuckin A


    10-Guided by Voices-Half Smiles of the Decomposed



    here my 10 favorites of the yeah

    10. eagles of death metal – peace love death metal

    9. mastodon – leviathin

    8. death from above 1979 – your a woman , i’m a machine

    7. robert pollard – fiction man

    6. franz ferdinand – franz ferdinand

    5. tv on the radio – desperate youth, bloodthirst babes

    4. modest mouse – good news for people who love bad news

    3. the arcade fire – funeral

    2. comets on fire – blue cathedral

    1. Zutons – Who killed the zutons?



    Pavement – crooked rain, crooked… reissue
    ok, so this is a reissue. but it is like a reissue should be. splendid. and even though it’s ten years since it was released it’s still better than anything released in 04. Not as fun, lovely, energetic and good as slanted and enchanted, but still perfect sound forever.

    Modest Mouse – we allways try to have weird and pleasant titles on your records, but they’re also a bit annoying to type.
    -I was surprised that this album was so good. pleasantly surprised.

    Green Day – american idiot
    -I was shocked that this albums was so good. is it possible to be pleasantly shocked ? if so, that’s what I am.

    Safariari – goaway
    -the best record you didn’t hear in 04.

    Bronco Busters – Pulse Racing
    -girls with guitars are sexy. girls with guitars that play great fuzzpunkpoprock are even sexier. the best "girlgroup" out there.

    Minor Majority – Up For You & I
    -the best "let’s spend the day under a blanket, drinking tea and cuddle" album of the year. until you listen to the great lyrics, then you realize that there are more to life than spending the day under a blanket. did I say that?

    Outkast – Speakerboxxx…..
    -irratic, schizophrenic, this album is everything. sometimes at once.
    features the most catching song of the year.

    Gwen Stefani – love angel…….
    -she is hot. and the album is great. which is a nice combo.

    Thermals – Fuckin A’

    Tom Waits – Real Gone
    I wish he was my grandpa, so he could tell me stories all the time.

    Bobby Bare Jr – From The End……..
    -best country album of the year.

    Ted Leo &….. – ……..
    -guitars are still cool.

    Kanye West – College Dropout
    -smile. dance. be happy. have sex. smile.

    British Sea Power – The Decline of……..
    -weird. strange. with a drop of pure genious.

    Broder Daniel – Cruel Town
    -shoreline is 04’s best song about not being happy.

    comments on the album will perhaps be edited in later.
    (edit) they now are.



    01 Jason Anderson – New England
    02 Sufjan Stevens – 7 Swans
    03 Hayden – Elk Lake Serenade
    04 The Rudy Trouve Sextet – 2002/2003
    05 The Cure – The Cure
    06 Hope Of The States – The Lost Riots
    06 Jason Molina – Pyramid Electric Co.
    08 The Love Substitutes – The House Is On Fire
    09 The Earlies – These Were The Earlies
    10 Bonnie Prince Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music
    11 Zita Swoon – A Song About A Girls
    12 American Music Club – Love Songs For Patriots
    13 Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill 4: The Room
    14 Motorpsycho – The International Tussler Society
    15 The Unicorns – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone

    4got some cdz like Sufjan Stevens
    So this is my new Top 15 of 2004



    sadly I managed to forget some favorites:

    annie – anniemal
    fiery furnaces – blueberry boat
    nouvelle vague – nouvelle vague
    -bossa nova is the new loud!
    Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies – Homeland
    -this would be my christmasgift to bush.
    "If you’re willing to die for what you believe/Then we’re happy to kill you all."

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