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    I uploaded all the DinoJr/J Mascis CD Booklets and Vinyl Covers that I have to my site, http://www.keeblin.com/ They are in details pages. They are in flash. I did not create the file, I just inserted the scans, so it doesn’t work like I want. Just click and drag to the right. The page being turned has to be set before another page can be turned. I don’t know why but sometimes you have to click to make the page stay. For people with dial-ups, I’m sorry, these are somewhat big files so it may take a little while to load. Also no loading bar shows up on these files. The entire file has to be loaded before you see it. For those with broadband it probably won’t be too bad but those with dial-up may have to wait. Again, I’m sorry. Hopefully somebody will find these interesting.

    For anyone who has something I don’t and wouldn’t mind sending me large high quality scans that would be great. Thanks



    Worked great for me, using adsl, appreciate you adding the scans!

    Love the back of the 7" Leaving On A Jet Plane… :aliensmile: :!:



    wow, great to have scans of all the booklets in that good quality online :!: :mrgreen:
    and it’s funny to play around with the interactive "drag to open" feature :)

    thanks a lot, rd!!! :mrgreen:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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