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    i noticed (and im sure lots of others noticed) at the dinosaur shows i was at this week in the middle of j’s verse in forget the swam he sings a line from cats in a bowl. "how i tired to warn my neighbor but the corn was much too high" (then he sings the cats in a bowl line) "and even if i leave, someone just like me, pop out of the ground" it fucking rules. You can hear it real clear if you listen to the 9:30 club show monday that just went up on freesofree.



    yup, my buddy said he used lyrics from cats in a bowl in a song at the northampton show. i didnt notice at the time, but i guess he was right



    Thats crazy. I wish they’d just PLAY Cats in a Bowl :idea:



    its cool what theyre doin to the songs as the tour goes on… adding little things and stuff. i most notice with murph and the different fills hes doin on stuff. and that killer version of quest from amsterdam. that solo j plays before the first verse is pretty cool.



    they are so great and lovely !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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