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    I apoligize in advance for the scattered group of thoughts and memories I am about to post <img> – just typing as my mind goes. with that said….

    arrival + food :: I went to the show with Saturn9 and arrived around 6. We were going to park the car there and walk down the road to get something to eat but J was walking back out to his car as we pulled in so we went up and said hey. He asked where we were going to go and I honestly had no clue. So we just followed his lead and went to a natural food store across the road (I’m vegetarian so that made ordering easy <img> ). anyway, back to the stuff you might actually care about. I was just in awe that J was still standing after the week he had of back to back shows + driving hundreds of miles between each one. He said he had also been doing the Amma Tour on his non-show nights too. He is not human <img> . He said he thought the I-fi show in atlanta was a flop. He said "there were no big names there" and that only 1/4 of the crowd needed for the promoters to break even showed up. I can’t believe that! I could not believe the lineup myself. While we were sitting outside eating some girl was playing acoustic guitar and she started strumming the intro to "sweet home alabama" so J answered with the obligitory ‘turn it up’ <img> . pretty funny stuff. egad I ramble…

    back to the club :: anyway for the good stuff. we walked back over to the club and I grabbed my camera from the car. J showed us his newly acquired skateboard (which was nicely decorated with Amma stickers). said he had not been on a board in 10x years but was asking if I knew of any local skateparks. Someone the night before told him about one in Asheville so don’t be suprised if some of you guys see him in that area one day! He then gave me a cdr of the new album then I helped carry his guitars in for the soundcheck and were treated to lots of doodeling and clips of Quest, Goin’ Home, Ammaring and even Forget the Swan!!!! I’m still in shock!!!

    pre-show :: we went into the ‘backstage’ area and had some ginger brew (which J really seems to be into). J had to change strings and all. I asked him if he had named any of the new songs yet and he said not yet but for now they were "all pretty much called Freedom". It may be out October in the UK + Japan but they have not finalized a deal with a US label. He said it may be on Ultimatum again. Also, he is planning on re-releasing the first four albums before too long. I asked if they would have new liner notes and he said he had no idea at this point. Pretty exciting for those of you who have copies that have ‘seen better days’!!

    The Show :: The opening bands Work Clothes and Des Ark both sounded amazing. I was Very impressed with both. If you ever get a chance to see either I highly recommend it!
    J came out and of course played and amazing set:
    what else is new
    blowing it
    everybody lets me down
    little fury things
    flying cloud
    get me
    on the run
    the lung
    throw down
    not you again

    the wagon

    The sound in the club was simply amazing! (thanks to coco, you don’t have to take my word for it).
    I’ll let that speak for itself as I was awestruck with this being my first solo J show!
    It’s always nice to meet people from the site too <img>

    I’ll probably append more to this later as well as a review of the new album! of course one word could discribe it. AMAZING!!! Gotta get to bed. gotta go to work, gotta have a job.

    should have my pics friday or so. I’ll post them then.


    be sure to check out this threadfrom Hatchetface too!

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    Thanks for the review and setlist Jeremiah <img>

    No big names at the Atlanta show?too funny! <img> <img> <img>



    Thanks for the cool ramble!!! Forget The Swan <img> now that sounds pretty pleasing <img>

    Looking forward to those pics and review of the new sounds. VERY COOL to hear that something new will be out in about 3 months <img>

    Allison <img>


    Nathan Noah

    Jeremiah, when you said he was talking about rereleaSING the first four records, does that mean ylaom-green mind/where you been or



    hEY Dave

    Thanks for that story
    Hope u will post that album review soon
    Cant wait to hear those songs <img>
    Like the titles already <img>



    Has anybody heard if J played the new song he debuted in St. Louis later on in the tour. If so, does anyone have a recording or possible song title. I can only remember two short prhases from the song. They were "stuck feeling this pain" and "ran away from living"

    Any help or input on this new mystery song is appreciated. I’m sure it will be on the new album along with Everybody Let Me Down



    flyingcloud72 ::think that song may be called freedom at this point <img>

    Salami, Deepsludge + Spaceboy :: <img>

    TheEverlastingGaze :: I think that would be Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me, Bug then it is iffy… Fossils or Green Mind.

    Valentine Frankenstein :: I love that UC quote!! <img> can’t wait to see the pics myself!

    J also said he may be up for an online diary. said he had some problems getting into the BBS so I am going to walk him through the steps so he can start posting. <img> <img>



    We`d love to have J posting here <img> <img> I gave him 5 stars awhile back when I saw his profile <img>

    ps-Jeremiah-I passed you in the posting race <img>



    hEY fREAKs

    Would b beautiful if J would post his diary here
    Always great to read I think



    word <img>



    I’ve always pondered whether J was amongst us or not. That would be great for J to post how things are going on the tour, how things are with the new album, etc. Anything, to tell you the truth. I assume, since nobody’s made any mention of it, that there are legal ramifications involved with Jeremiah giving us a peek at the new album? Or just a matter of common courtesy. Either way, I can’t wait for it to come out.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by jeremiah:
    <strong> said he had some problems getting into the BBS so I am going to walk him through the steps so he can start posting. <img> <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Now taking bets on how long J. posts before I insult him openly or question his sexuality.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by djm409:
    <strong>I assume, since nobody’s made any mention of it, that there are legal ramifications involved with Jeremiah giving us a peek at the new album? Or just a matter of common courtesy. Either way, I can’t wait for it to come out.</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I can’t wait either. Is there an expected street date? I’d think soon if it’s all recorded.

    The problem with Jeremiah posting the album would be some less scrupulous members could Kazaa the whole thing and send J.’s record sales to shit.

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