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    For all the vinyl collectors out there, Cargo Records & J’s Baked Goods label ( :? ) are releasing the reissues on colored vinyl June 6th…:mrgreen:


    Dinosaur Jr
    Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me & Bug Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl
    Vinyl 12" LP

    The Reissues of 2005, its 20 years since the eponymous debut was released on Homestead, all three albums remastered by J Masics, the original lineup has reformed for a series of sold out gigs and festivals over the summer, Sweet Nothing has re-released the albums on CD format, and is re-releasing the seminal “Freak Sceneâ€? single in June also. J Mascis’ own Baked Goods label these classic records on Vinyl format, and even better, theres 500 of each on coloured vinyl exclusively from Cargo.

    Catalog Number: BG05LPC
    Number of Discs: 1
    Genre: Alternative & Punk
    Label: Baked Goods
    Release Date: 6 June 2005
    Availability:Available to dispatch 11 July 2005

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