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    The show was great & it was nice seeing J again. I know J has a reputation for being difficult to approach and talk to but he has always been better at keeping the conversation alive than I am. Got to meet Kurt Vile who was very nice too.
    I asked J about the new signature guitar and he said it would be about the same but a Squire so the price point should be much more reasonable.

    I met a couple people from the site which is always nice.
    related… @everyonelovesjaron – I updated your email address and replied to your email but they bounced. Let me know what you want to do with that.

    I’ll try to post more later, still dragging from two nights of shows (Avett Brothers the night before). Unusual for me these days…

    Setlist from memory (think I skipped a track or 2?…)
    Listen To Me
    Several Shades Of Why
    Ocean In The Way
    Get Me
    Not The Same
    Make It Right
    Not Enough
    Is It Done
    Flying Cloud

    Little Fury Things

    I live streamed a couple just to test out my phone since they had wi-fi in there
    I have the whole J set & one or two Kurt Vile songs on my other camera (Better quality) that I’ll post soon

    Kurt Vile

    First two J tracks “Thumb” & “Listen To Me”



    Updated the second vid – had 2 of the same before



    Awesome! Thanks Jeremiah!


    Hey, great show! I had the opportunity to buy J and Kurt dinner before the show and get my friend some photos with them which was pretty cool. Highlights, for me, were Ammaring and Repulsion which are always always favorites and sounded really nice that night. Can’t wait to see J again in September at that Hopscotch Fest and the Bug show in DC in June!

    Thanks to our fearless leader for helping me get my account back! Nice to return to the fold haha.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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