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    Just wondering if pictures can be taken at the shows. I’ve always been able to snap some at the J+the Fog shows but wasn’t sure the venues would permit it for this tour. Mainly, I just want to bring my camera so I can get a picture with the boys if I happen to see them hanging around before or after the show.



    I saw lots of cameras and flashlight at the Amsterdam show.
    In Groningen there was a sign at the stage saying ‘taking pictures only allowed during the first three songs’. Can’t remember exactly what happened during that show (as far as photography is concerned), but in Amsterdam I saw people using their digi cams all the time.



    yeah, seems it’s like that everywhere: professional photographers are only allowed to take pics during the 1st 3 songs. it was the same in London, where the photographers were asked to leave after the 3rd song.
    another thing is it with photographing for private use, I guess. particularly nowadays they can’t really keep out all the mobile phone cameras.

    I don’t know how it is with videotaping for private use, though, as the band has their own video documentation of the shows going. :?

    I never heard that anyone of the band complained about photographing, although aggressive flashlights can be irritating and blinding, so they should always be used with politeness and care.

    and of course the policy of the venues on photographing/videotaping are differing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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