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    A really fantastic show with great new songs and some classic old ones. Quite a different set to the UK show which I saw at Derby a couple of months ago. Lots of appreciative cheers and applause from the audience contributing to a great atmosphere..

    Set list, from memory (and probably in the wrong order) was: –

    Bulbs of Passion
    I want you to know
    Imagination Blind
    Pick me up
    Little Furry Things
    The Wagon
    Over it
    Feel the Pain
    Freak Scene
    Out There
    I don’t wanna go there

    Back to your Heart
    Forget the Swan



    Thanks for the set list, Chris. You have a better memory than me! I think I got lost somewhere in one of those guitar solos.

    It was my first Dino Jr gig (and it won’t be my last as long as they keep coming back over). I thought they had real chemistry as a unit and loved the power from the Lou/Murph engine room.

    I was prepared for a loud gig and in the end I reckoned volume was just about right.

    I worship J Mascis’ guitar work, but I was not prepared to realise he was even better!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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