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    There is a short article about this gig here: http://www.spinnermusic.co.uk/2010/07/0 … ed-island/

    "Dinosaur Jr. was the perfect cap to Sled Island festivities at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza. As the sun sunk behind downtown office towers, J. Mascis and crew pummeled through a nostalgic set that illustrated why the American rockers are most deserving of their cult following.

    Forgoing stage banter in order to concentrate on flashy guitar solos and meaty riffs, the trio flew through quintessential tracks like ‘Feel the Pain’ and ‘Freak Scene.’ When bassist Lou Barlow finally did address the crowd, surprisingly, it was to check on energy levels. "Is everybody tired?" he asked while Mascis tuned his guitar.

    It was a reasonable question considering some audience members had been on hand since Black Lips performed a good seven hours earlier, but a funny comment considering the boisterous reaction from the crowd each time the outfit launched into another fuzzed-out romp.

    Even Ted Leo and F—ed Up frontman Damian Abraham (this time fully clothed) showed up to pay their respects to the ’80s icons, nodding along with the rest of the fans as the trio closed down the Olympic Plaza stage." Jenny Charlesworth




    I can’t believe I never heard about this. I’m so mad.

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