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    Randy Jane

    I’m selling my 1986 Ford Bronco II. Buy it, or just help me sell it! :D

    New Parts include: hoses, belts, alternator, Radiator, Tires, Thermostat, Rods, Head Gasget, and Power Brakes unit.
    Needs: Oil Change, (you were going to do that anyway right?) the back driver side tire is a snow tire that was on the
    Bronco when I got it. The snow tire is a 14" and the rest are 15" tires. The guy said snow tires are supposed to
    be a bit smaller. (?)

    This Bronco does occasionally run hot and sometimes over heats. It was recently in the shop to have this problem fixed
    but they couldnt get it to over heat. The Radiator may need flushing (which you can do for like $10-15) it needs an oil
    change and a new filter, but the water pump works fine, the head gasget is new, I put a new thermostat in it and it still
    every once in a while gets hot. Most of the time it runs cold.

    Interior looks great for its age, there are minor tears in the seats but that’s what seat covers are for. Back seats lay down
    for tons of space in the back. I bought this Bronco thinking it would be a great vehicle to haul music equipment in, but I
    can’t afford the gas as it is a V6. AM/FM Cassette, (factory) Power Steering, Air Cond., Heater works great!

    Engine had been rebuilt before I bought it and loads of new parts were put in. V6 2.9L 4 Speed. Fuel Injection and 4wd.
    Great running Bronco, shifts gears smoothly. Odometer reads 78,655 miles, although I don’t know how many miles the
    new parts have on them. Being an ’86, I’d be surprised if it hasnt rolled over as well…but I don’t know, we can just assume
    that it has, (it only goes to 99,999 miles before rolling over).

    Body is in great shape, VERY little rust. Someone has repaired the rust spots (as you can tell) and then primered over
    them, but it doesn’t look bad at all. The original paint is still great. Windows are tinted, and back window lifts up or you
    can just lift the whole back door. Door wont stay up though, which doesn’t hurt performance. Also, there is no spare tire
    on the back.

    Underneath the Bronco looks pretty good. Pipes look good untill after the mufflers (dual) however this car runs very quiet.
    Passenger side pipe is not connected after the muffler but just needs to be welded back up, again…there is a shop here
    that will do that for $15.

    In summary, this is a great Bronco II with a few minor inexpensive problems. Needs an oil change and it gets hot every
    once in a while. This is an easy fix and I think it will go for another 10+ years IF taken care of.

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