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    J Mascis & the Fog
    More Light

    I know this came out last November, but so goddamn what. We missed it and it’s still worth talking about. Upon listening to More Light, there is still no doubting J. is a superb guitar player that has his own sound and has a unique vocal style with that "I’m hungover" scratchy wine. I’ve always dug his version of Kiss’ "Going Blind," (check out the Kiss My Ass Tribute disc) and I don’t think there is anyone who could do it quite exceptionally as he did. More Light kicks off with "Sameday," which is poppy, but has those really cool guitar riffs. You quickly realize that J. is missing an era to fit into. If this were released ten years ago it would’ve been much more appreciated. The guy has a way of bringing out the pain. You can hear it on "Where’d you Go" and "Ammaring" where once again he delivers both vocally and guitar solo wise. Now you know why Rollins is such a fan. But upon listening to More Light you are also reminded that J. is really an expert at crafting those infectious guitar hooks, like on "Back Before You Go." In many ways, songs like "Back…" and "Waistin" remind one of old Kinks tunes. Plus you can’t help but like the laziness of "Can’t Take This On." It’s weird how no has ever gotten so far with so seemingly a lazy effort. He definitely coasted towards the end of the decade milking his status as an alterna-founder, but thankfully he’s found the drive again. – Ken Wohlrob (23 July 2001)


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