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    Hey…Chicago Fog was giving me hell about my take on religion…..again…I find Terence says it best for me….I’m building my own damn wagon….you go and build yours……why do I pick and chose the parts of Christianity that fit and throw out the ones that don’t work for me…. because I want to ride in my own wagon…not in anyone elses…because where I am in my life will never be where anyone else is.


    put up this video and move it to 2:12…the first words you should hear is "I’m a critic of Science"…..although I believe the whole series is worth a listen….I realize that’s not going to happen for most folks here….Terence ends the talk with the words "build your own damn wagon" (funny J Mascis reference)

    one of my favorite lines is:
    "reality is made up of language and forceful imagination (thought) and the people who don’t know this are walking around inside the realities that are created by the people who do….."

    ha,ha,ha,ha…..so freakin’ funny and right on.



    Oh you betcha I’m gonna build my own wagon !
    And my wagon shall be built out of ginger bread, limes, high hopes, mangoes, duct tape and soap bubbles.

    Back in reality, I get your point and I salute you for it.



    Robert..did you even have time to listen….I was thinking…it might be good to take it back to 2:12 where Terence starts by saying "I’m a critic of science"…damn…the whole piece is really good…starting with what computer fractals have shown us…heck…go ahead and go back to part 1/9 and fill you brain with goodness.

    I would want to eat your wagon…well without the bubbles and duct tape.



    This is very loosely related and maybe only so when looking back on Terrence Mckenna’s ideas of using psychedelics ie mushrooms to reach altered states of mind. So I apologize in advance for being so off topic and promise to watch the video in it’s entirety when I get the chance. But one of my favorite memories is of hiking and camping through the mountains in winter. My friend feeling terribly ill and his only relief came when it started to snow. Being spiritual and believing whole heartedly in the concept of shamanism helping you heal, he believed that since he couldn’t purge himself of his illness, the mountain was purging for him by snowing.
    It always struck me as beautiful.


    "girl" wrote:
    he believed that since he couldn’t purge himself of his illness, the mountain was purging for him by snowing.
    It always struck me as beautiful.

    or I can see how his connecting with the falling snow….set up a symbiosis…for internal healing work.

    I’m always baffled by the use of psychedelics as recreation…of course I’m not saying that I have never done that but how quickly I learned.
    I continue to use them once every few years as a healing mechanism….when one is confronted with just themselves and their thoughts…how rapid can you arrive at the core…how easy it is to see that your thoughts are creating everything…and oh my…how you realize that there is so much going on underneath this layer we call reality. How the magic of thought manifests things in form. I can think of one hundred examples of this but recently…I was with several friends….and we were tripping way up in the mountains…five miles off any path…and we had made ice cream from milk that we had milked earlier in the day (at Enota, a retreat in North Georgia)….and we were keeping it cold in a cooler deep inside a mountain stream. We would be starting to come down off the mushrooms in a few hours and we all said out loud how we should have brought strawberries, how perfect they would taste on top of the ice cream, we talked about the color red (because I kept seeing the color red pouring out of my body, shooting from my fingers, red is almost never anyones favorite color, it’s so intense, we spoke of the importance of the color red in food, the healing power of red food, I was laying on the ground and mumbling the words "strawberries, yum, oh strawberries mmmmm, I want some"


    As usual I was making everybody laugh….in less than 10 minutes we saw a man coming towards us…we were a bunch of women and suddenly we all got a little nervous….my friends asked me to approach him and see what he wanted…none of us were in any position to carry on a conversation and we were a bit paranoid to have someone coming out of the blue towards us….I met him half-way and said "Hello" and he told me he and his wife were camping near by and had seen the smoke from our fire….etc…he said they were headed down off the mountain and had a small bucket of strawberries that they couldn’t finish and they wanted to share with us. He was also sorry he didn’t have a lot of time to talk (Thank you God, I was thinking) because his wife was a bit ahead of him on the path. I came walking back to my group of girls, holding this bucket….when I was only 100 feet away from them, one of them asked "What do you have in that bucket"…and it took every bit of power I had to get the word out but then I said it…"Strawberries" and placed the bucket down and fell to the ground crying joyful tears I was laughing and crying at the same time…that kind of cry, that comes from the gut but it was so healing, I wasn’t sad, I was crying from the overwhelmingness of it all…we were all shocked but this group of women..together…we have experienced that sort of thing many times together.



    *cues up Girls Of Wild Strawberries by Guided By Voices*



    Sorry Stefka, but 2:12 and "I’m a critic of science" did not exactly convince me that this dude is brilliant…

    To do science is to try to figure out how nature works, by letting nature show you the way, as opposed to thinking that you are clever enough to be able to come up with a model of nature (whether using psychedelics or not.. ) without even caring much to double-check with nature if it is actually behaving according to that model. McKenna’s timewave zero / novelty theory (which I now just read a bit about) comes to mind…

    I could go on at length but Feynman says it best for me:






    Great stuff Maxini….nature does show us the way.

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