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    King Tubby

    Well, it was my third Fog gig in just over two months, and J. and the fellas were totally on! I half expected a little rust since they hadn’t played out for a while, but they started strong and got even stronger as they continued on. J’s guitar solos weren’t as extended as they were during the February gigs, but they were all sweet — executed with precision and real feeling. A couple friends went with me who hadn’t seen J since the Dinosaur days, and they were grooving along the whole time, really loving it. George seemed very happy, bashing away in his Ramones "Road to Ruin" shirt and locking in completely with Hunter. It was an excellent time all around. Wish I could make it to Philly tonight.

    To those who are going to Philly, be sure to get there in time to see Wharton Tiers. Huge, huge wall-of-sound stuff done with a great sense of humor. And this was the biggest version of the Ensemble I’ve seen: Along with Tiers on drums and his sax player, there were two bassists (including Hunter) and five guitarists. They whip up a real maelstrom, yet a tuneful one.

    Here’s the Fog’s set from last night:

    Out There
    (the rest are out of order)
    Little Fury Things
    Freak Scene
    If That’s How It’s Gotta Be
    Set Us Free
    Tell the Truth
    Everybody Lets Me Down
    Just Like Heaven



    hey King Tubby, thanks a lot for the review & the setlist :D :!:

    … three Fog gigs in about 2 months :shock: that’s what I’d call lucky! :mrgreen:

    sounds like it was a great gig! really hope that there will be more Fog gigs some time soon …although I haven’t heard about any (besides the gig today, of course).



    hey king tubby- i’m curious- what time did they get on? i left RI with ticket in hand at 5pm, got in a car wreck at 6pm just outside RI and never made it. i went home with a concussion and cried myself to sleep listening to bug and smoking lots of weed- i almost tried again but was too dizzy to take my sister’s car and i think it woulda been too late…


    Bucky Ramone

    KT, thanks for the review (and for the Wharton Tiers part as well 8) )

    ….and hickorywind, car wreck & concussion & missing J. & the Fog, that sucks…. :oops: :x


    expect nothing

    Thanks for the review – sounds like it was another great show :D . Looks like a goood setlist aswell – a bit of old and a bit of new :aliensmile:
    I Do have one question – how are your ears :?: :mrgreen:



    hey hickorywind, ticket in hand & missing the show due to worst circumstances … that hurts!!! :( :cry: :evil:
    hope you & your car will be fine, soon :)


    expect nothing

    Missing the show is reaaallly shiitty. :cry: – hickorywind hope you and your car will be feeling better, :)



    j went on around 11:45


    King Tubby
    "expect nothing" wrote:
    I Do have one question – how are your ears :?: :mrgreen:

    I wore earplugs, so they’re fine. Two of the three people I went with wore plugs too, but the guy who didn’t kept asking me to repeat whatever I was saying at the time on the subway ride out of Brooklyn. I suspect he was hurting today. It wasn’t the loudest J performance I’ve witnessed, but it sounded really good.

    Hickory — sorry to hear about your wreck. It’s a good thing you didn’t try to drive down anyway in your condition, especially when you’d end up dealing with loud — albeit great — music with a concussion. The Fog will be back around before long.



    Thanks for the reviews, sounds like a wicked show :aliensmile:

    That Wharton Tiers Ensemble, five guitars, two bass players, drums & sax, wall of sound done with a sense of humor… :mrgreen: Sounds great, hard not to love that kinda thing 8)

    Hickorywind take care of that brain, hope you’re doing ok :!:




    I had a weird experience myself. I was taking a friend of mine that works at a local bar. Well I decided to meet her there and it was strange because Just Like Heaven came on as soon as she walked in the bar. The Cure version though. Then she kept me waiting for a couple of hours and I thought I might miss some. She likes some old Dino but doesn’t know much new stuff. Anyway I requested a couple Dino songs on the internet based juke box at the bar and they got two songs. One was Alone and the other I Don’t Think So. So anyway last week she was having a bad night and I played alone and she said that it was exactly how she felt. So anyway we took a cab there and got lost. When we got there I went in and J wasn’t on but my friends who were outside said the cab I came in on just crashed into another car. Phew, thank god we weren’t in it. Anyway we got a drink and then went out for a smoke and what do they start with but Alone. Very interesting. And what did they finish the show with but Just Like Heaven. That wasn’t that odd though because I requested it and he has played everytime. Now that I think about it I should have asked for Get Me. Anyway my friend talked to George and we were on the guest list for Philly but I was too shot to go and I was afraid I might see my ex girlfriend there and it would have been too much. I have seen J I think 9 times this year from LA to NYC and I will get to see him again in May. Its a shame that the Fog can’t just open for Cobra Verde at least for the NYC show. Anyway it was a good show but a bit stange overall.



    hey ammaringnyc, thanks a lot for the very personal review :D
    sounds like a rather weird night, glad you could avoid a least the cab crash :!:

    9 shows with J this year (and more in May) :shock: 8) definitely sounds like a cool record! … I would be glad if there was at least one show within reach this year :| :?:



    sounds like a great show and well worth the wait … would say thankfully it was safer to travel there this time round … but what’s up w/all the car wrecks ?? pretty scary, but glad to hear everyone was ok … :mrgreen:

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