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    Malc mentioned in another thread that the Dischord box set was his first box set;what box sets do you own or have owned?

    I think I`ve had only 5:
    Rolling Stones-Singles Collection(4 tapes)
    Robert Johnson-The Complete Recordings(2 cd`s)
    Mercury box set of Jazz Singers(4 cd`s)
    John Coltrane-The Classic Quartet(8 cd`s)
    Louis Armstrong-The Hot Fives And Sevens(4 cd`s)

    What box sets do you want to get?

    my list:
    Joe Henderson-Complete Bluenote
    Herbie Hancock-Complete Bluenote
    Miles Davis-Chronicle
    Bill Evans-Complete Riverside
    Thelonious Monk-Complete Riverside(15 cd set :shock: )



    Stooges-Funhouse 1970 The Complete Sessions :aliensmile: (6 + 1 single)
    Cheap Trick-Sex America :roll: (4)
    Ramones-Anthology Hey Ho Let’s Go (2)

    Lot of reissues I purchase come seperately not in a boxed set, Iggy has a couple new reissues out with bonus tracks, Radio Birdman, soon Dinosaur Jr :mrgreen:

    On my list currently…none :shock: But you never know what will come up :wink:


    Pelt Sematary

    Yeah, I wish I had the Nick Drake "Fruit Tree" Box Set, but the one with the FOUR LPs, so there hasn’t been any messing around with "Pink Moon"…, oh and even though I have all the songs on other records, I’d love to have the Ramones’ End of the Decade Box Set…

    The ones I have include:

    Guided By Voices "Box"
    Ike & Tina Turner "Fabulous!"
    Elvis Presley "100 Super Rocks" (I guess I need only one Elvis item and this is the one),
    Shellac’s "1000 Hurts" is also kind of box-ish, although there’s only one LP (plus a bonus throwaway CD) in it…



    Sorry, I spoke I half truth. I also own Simon and Garfunkel: The Complete Recordings, but that’s on Vinyl, and I’m without a Turntable right now.

    I want Rhino’s Give Up the Funk anthology. Anybody seen this? Its designed to look like a stack of 8-tracks. :lol:

    On the Dischord-the only complaints I have right now is that some of the video footage is pretty crappy. And I don’t understand why the chose to represent Rites of Spring with "Drink Deep" I’d of chosen "For Want Of"



    I`d like to have the Guided By Voices box set,though I have one of the discs from it(King Shit And The Golden Boys)I was lucky to find in a used store years ago,they just sold that one but not the rest of the set :?
    The Stooges one would be worth getting 8) there`s a Townes Van Zandt one I`d like to get too.
    I`ve had a few 2 cd sets I`ve forgotten about:(in the old double jewel cases)
    Tim Buckley-Morning Glory
    T Bone Walker-Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-54
    Blind Willie Johnson-The Complete
    John Coltrane-The Major Works

    I forgot about John Coltrane-Live In Japan(4 cd set)



    I’d like to see a Subpop, Merge, Kill Rock Stars, or K box set.



    Buffalo Springfield – 4cdbox
    Bob Dylan – 3cd box-bootlegseries
    The Band – 4cd-box Last Waltz
    John Lennon – 4-cdbox Anthology
    Beach Boys – 4-cdbox aniversary
    Bird – 2cd-box

    Some blues boxes, beatles anthology..is that a real box??

    I love these kind of isues. I would like to have that Litlle Feat box but….very expensive.

    Goodnight, Hans "I’m living in a box" de J.


    Bucky Ramone

    Posies – At least at last (4cd)
    Los Lobos – El cancionero mas y mas (4cd)
    Richard Thompson – Watching the dark (3cd)
    the Band – Last Waltz (4cd)


    buckingham rabbit

    I have:

    The Zombies–Zombie Heaven (4cd)
    The Chills–Secret Box (3cd)
    Magnetic Fields–69 Love Songs (3cd)

    I don’t know if these really count (all 2cd), but:

    Moby Grape–Vintage
    Francoise Hardy–Vogue Years
    Flying Burrito Brothers–Hot Burrito!
    Hank Williams–40 Greatest Hits

    I would like to get:

    Anthology of American Folk Music (6cd)

    The Bear Family label has a shitload of expensive and nice box sets of old country, bluegrass, folk, and rock by people like Webb Pierce, Roy Acuff, Osborne Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bill Monroe, etc, etc that I would like to get if I were rich.


    Pelt Sematary

    Hey, Buckingham Rabbit! I thought I was the only one one these boards who likes (hmm…loves) Francoise Hardy! That’s pretty cool! I have no F.H. box sets, though. And I also forgot to mention that the boxes I talked about were vinyl (the best format, you know). The only CD multiset I can think of that I own would be the BUZZCOCKS’ complete thingy. No wait: I do have an "Initiales B.B." Brigitte Bardot 4-CD-set. Her music is obviously more, say, "shallow" then Francoise Hardy’s, but sometimes it’s quite cool nonetheless. I also own some 7" box sets, like a CRAMPS early demos 4er, the DAG NASTY comp. and the "Eight Songs for GREG SAGE AND THE WIPERS" thing.



    I forgot about:
    Velvet Underground-Peel Slowly And See
    Richard Thompson-Watching The Dark
    Billie Holiday-Lady In Autumn

    I`ve had more box sets then I realized :roll:



    I’ve got:

    20 Years of Dischord(3cd)
    Velvet Underground – Peel Slowly And See(5cd)
    Nirvana – Singles Box Set(6cd)
    AC/DC – Bonfire(5cd)
    Pavement – Brighten the Corners(4cd -actually 1 cd and 3 singles)
    Ramones – Chrysalis Years Anthology(3cd)
    Ramones – Hey Ho, Let’s Go(2cd)
    Johnny Cash – Love God Murder(3cd)
    Grateful Dead – The Golden Road(12cd)
    Matador – Everything’s Nice(3)
    Jimi Hendrix – The Jimi Hendrix Experience(4cd)



    Various Artists-Anthology of American Folk Music (6 CDS)
    Various Artists-Everything is Nice:Matador Tenth Anniversary (3 CDs)
    Smashing Pumpkins-The Aeroplane Flies High (Singles from MCIS, 5 CDS)
    Pete Townshend-Lifehouse Chronicles (6 CDs)
    Velvet Underground-Peel Slowly and See (5 Cds)
    Velvet Underground-Bootleg Series 1:Robert Quine Tapes (3 CDs)

    the Who-30 yrs of maximum R & B
    Beat Happening-Anthology
    Nirvana – When it comes out…
    Phil Spector-Back to Mono

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