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    Well somebody asked for a mention from some of the recent shows and I didn’t see one on Boulder. So I’m doing my part I guess.

    I’ve seen J in Chicago in 94 and 97. Amazing both times but this one might have been the best. I think it was Watt who has made the difference. He has amazing energy, and is nothing like Johnson was. And J just seemed to eat it all up. He was definitely at ease and emjoying every second of solo time.

    I can’t remember the set list but they started with Same Day and played most of the new album. Little Fury Things, The Lung, and Freakscene were huge highlights, as was More Light when he wore the keyboard.

    Watt sang on at least two maybe three songs but I’m not familiar with them. Maybe somebody can help me out because they were incredible, especially the closer. Sounded like J said "we’re gonna play another Stooges tune." Does that ring a bell or sound like any stuff Watt has done?

    Anyway, if you’re wondering whether to go back and see J this time around, don’t hesitate. Do it. The most energy I’ve ever seen the guy have. He’s definitely not too old to rock.

    Opening bands were Hemicuda, a girl fronted band that wore some cool costumes but the music was lacking a bit. Thick and Tasty, a song about blow jobs was kind of interesting. And the LaDonnas, a four man band with a lead trying to be Jack Black, was absolutely horrible.

    Sometimes I don’t thrill you, sometimes I think I’ll kill you, just don’t let me fuck up will you, cause when I need a friend it’s still you. –J



    Thanks tons, appreciate the post. They did TV EYE by IGGY and the STOOGES in Minneapolis….your so lucky to have heard them do another…..could it be SHAKE APPEAL…RAW POWER…SICK OF YOU??? Sorry I am just mad for the STOOGES, great review and I agree in a huge way that people should get out and enjoy the show.




    great review!
    thanks for posting it!

    and resident idiot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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