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    bought myself an old fender jazzmaster..!!!it’s from 63’…! I needed a new guitar cause the one I am used to play on don’t stay in tune, I’ve had it in a guitarshop for some repairing but they did’t quite make it work properly, maybe the neck is a bit out of position. Anyway it’s not woth spending to much cash on fixing the neck, itæs an old TOKAY STRATOCASTER, really good to play and the body has it’s own look…, I have made a skelletonhead behind the bridge by scraping of the ugly black paint that covered the original finish.Now it’s black and some parts are red… it’s from the seventies and I like the guitar very much, but I can’t play gigs with it, not more than one tune at a time..

    I also have 80’s IBANEZ S540. REALLY THIN NECK, ALMOIST TO EASY TO WORK MY FINGERS ON. it’s a bit nostalgic feel over it… the body has pink metallic finish.

    enough said… KEEP ON PLAYING! <img>

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