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    J Mascis & the Fog
    Free So Free

    by Jason W. Smith

    Is freedom, as Kris Kristofferson wrote, just another word for nothing left to lose? Certainly iconic guitar anti-hero J Mascis, an elder statesman in the alt-rock pantheon, has little to lose at this point in his career, so the fact that his second post-Dinosaur album breaks little new ground is almost irrelevant. As if to both acknowledge his classic rock influences and the vintage sound of his own brand of modern classic rock, Mascis has released, of all things, a concept album which takes freedom as its central theme. Why the obsession with freedom? Perhaps last year’s Dinosaur Jr. “Best of" closed one musical chapter and effectively loosed Mascis once and for all from that prehistoric identity? Or perhaps it’s just J’s newfound passion for skydiving? Whatever the impetus, the freedom thankfully marks a return to the patented Mascis guitar solo and finds among its 10 tracks some real gems, especially the punchy “Tell the Truth" and the slower, ponderous title track. Since freedom is not always a blessing, of course, Mascis plays both sides of the coin. And when J groans, “I’ll be on the other side," at Free So Free’s ostensibly anticlimactic finale, he makes you want to flip the record over and break on through all over again. (Ultimatum)

    J Mascis opens his North American solo tour at TT the Bear’s place tonight, Wednesday, October 9, with Cobra Verde and Dredd Fool.

    Boston’s Weekly Dig

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