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    Hi there, I forgot to tell everybody I was new, but after reading my early threads you should have understand it, Such a cad I am !

    Ok just to briefly introduce myself I’m a 22 years old guy, living in France (most precisely in Bayonne) and doing my art studies in Pau (pronounced "Po").
    Love to make music, listen to music, draw, paint, graff, have fun (who doesn’t ?).
    I came to Dino a few years ago, bought Green mind first, Beyond twice then others followed.
    I love that band a lot because I particularly appreciate his "PowerPop" feeling and Mascis’ natural melodic intuition.

    Here I am, Quite happy to belong to the family (mafia sounding!) and quite proud to be a Freak.

    See ya



    Welcome to the boards. Always nice welcoming new "Freaks" into the fold. :)



    Welcome :D



    What other bands do you like Tommy ? Just curious.

    Better ? :)


    "Robert" wrote:
    What other bands do you like Tommy ? Just curious.

    Better ? :)

    This should be the standard question here!Sorry Tommy i did`nt ask before.



    Great ! :D
    Well I mainly love "melodic rock music" I’m a big Dino fan but I can easily jump from Metallica to Bob Dylan or Warren Zevon (My fav). if I should only list my "very important bands or artists" it’ll be :

    -Alice Cooper
    -Big Country
    -Warren Zevon
    -Dinosaur Jr
    -The Ramones
    -Bob Dylan
    -The Wildhearts
    -Bruce Springsteen
    -The Smashing Pumpkins
    -Bad Religion

    quite messy but to me it’s a real sharp selection :D

    Also, I’ve been happy to saw that one of the board administrator’s nickname was "Anothet Girl Another Planet" such a perfect pop anthem wrote by Pete Perret from the "Only Ones" : good tastes !



    Zevon was underated.Everyone likes The Ramones :D

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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